Example sentences of "[pers pn] is not [verb] that " in BNC.

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31 It is not fear that impedes us , but how we handle our fears .
32 It is not destined that Eleanor shall marry Bertie Stanhope ’ , he is teasing rather than indulging his audience .
33 I hasten to point out that it is not envisaged that in the UK police officers themselves shall be trained to use hypnosis , as in some states of the US .
34 Since lexicographers can only proof single entries at a time it is not envisaged that providing this space will cause a problem .
35 It is not envisaged that specific new resources will be identified to enable Local Plan work to proceed at any meaningful level ( either through in house preparation or the engagement of consultant services ) . ’
36 It is not envisaged that we would have to use them for the offshore industry , but the provisions provide a safety net .
37 It is not envisaged that any material changes will be made to the sale and purchase agreement .
38 It is not meet that every nice offence should bear its comment ’ , DC 57 .
39 Having said that , it is not thought that their interest will be great .
40 It is not thought that the onset of turbulence represents in some sense a breakdown of these equations .
41 For a precedent , see Appendix E. It is not thought that this procedure has been invoked with any degree of frequency .
42 ( d ) First registration of title Unless any money is paid , such that there is a conveyance on sale of the whole of the property , it is not thought that any of the transactions in this chapter will involve a compulsory application for first registration of title ( Land Registration Act 1925 , s123 ) .
43 It is not thought that repayment of this type of charge would result in any charge to inheritance tax , as there is not a disposition intended to confer gratuitous benefit ( Inheritance Tax Act 1984 , s10 ) .
44 It is not recommended that the software be re-modularised prior to its initial entry .
45 It is not suggested that each offence should be ranked according to the seriousness of its after-effects on the particular victim — although there is an argument for assuming that young victims will be particularly damaged by unwanted sexual experiences , and therefore for regarding such offences as more serious .
46 It is not suggested that Mrs Browne carried her spinning wheel through her garden and across the lane to perform on her wheel .
47 It is not suggested that the teacher should keep up a non-stop commentary or continually repeat the children 's answers and comments for the benefit of the rest of the group .
48 ( If the computer terminology makes you reel uncomfortable , remember that it is not suggested that we are computers .
49 It is not suggested that the results of assessment should be adjusted to take account of characteristic differences between groups in performance .
50 While it is not suggested that this roll of honour is exhaustive , a list would , even on a world-wide basis , be strikingly short .
51 Ratio and proportion are difficult concepts and therefore a limited number of questions was used , but it is not suggested that these represent the only possible ones for lower attainers .
52 It is not suggested that it is negligent in any way .
53 It is not suggested that the money belongs to the former regime of Siad Barre , nor that it is the property of a government or governmental agency rather than state property belonging to the Republic .
54 We should note that in recognising that companies have power , it is not suggested that their power is anything like absolute .
55 It is not suggested however that directors ' duties , which are largely of judicial creation , are shaped by a theory that regards the purpose of the company and company law as being to further the public interest : it is not suggested that the ‘ social enterprise ’ perspective has influenced the development of the law .
56 It is not suggested that the individual types fit any specific political system .
57 It is not suggested that any but a small proportion of private homes are like this , but where such conditions do occur , it indicates that the vetting , registration and monitoring procedures are failing .
58 Whilst it is not suggested that such behaviour is common , the temptation to copy , or at least to fail to acknowledge the other thesis as a source , is made stronger by the knowledge that such unscrupulous acts are very difficult to detect , because the original works , if unpublished , may only be known to the researchers and to their supervisors .
59 It is not proposed that in every case a single indicator will suffice for a concept on every occasion , and it is not suggested that in every case an indicator will fully represent the concept it is to " stand for " .
60 It has often been claimed that English speech is rhythmical , and that the rhythm is detectable in the regular occurrence of stressed syllables ; of course , it is not suggested that the timing is as regular as a clock — the regularity of occurrence is only relative .
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