Example sentences of "[pers pn] [vb mod] just [verb] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 I 'll just have pies
32 No , I do n't want one just now , I may have one later , not just now cos I 'll just have mineral water again .
33 I 'll just let Bernard have the last word , because I want to talk to you Bernard just about who 's going to win the British League this year .
34 I 'm going to have to ap apologize er to all the speakers on the platform , who 've actually got prior commitments er pretty soon after the speeches I 'll just let Mick speak and then I 'm gon na have to close the meeting .
35 Perhaps I could just advise members , Chairman , that erm , that the timescale for that would be fairly tight , erm , and my recollection is that when we er , we went out to consultation previously in the sphere of learning disability on an issue that I well you should know , erm , I think there were some thirteen plus consultation meetings required in , in order to , erm , to get a fair spread of , of , of opinion .
36 Talking of waffling , if I could just shift ground slightly to another issue , it 's been touched on already , and that is of jargon .
37 But having I could just tell councillor that the main problems which he felt he had to bring into this debate , the main problem is parking across the driveways in Harvey Goodwin Avenue , both the residents get very fed up because the parking .
38 There 's no point in me doing it I mean if I could just hear Ben going ah ah ah
39 I was sitting on a chair near the door , and I could just hear Greta Ross 's voice speaking on the phone .
40 I could just hear Mr Rhys saying , Run away .
41 If I could just have Mr. Pertwee 's address … ’
42 I mean there 's times I could just take Billy and just but then you have to think , no .
43 Ever since Cherith , I 've vowed that I 'd just take love as it comes — and as it goes .
44 And then I would just draw attention to the proposals .
45 ‘ In an ideal world , I would just do research , teach … and rest . ’
46 The the problem that we did have , I mean my normal lecturing style until here in fact , was that I would just waffle y'know and generally do a few bits on the board and then carry on for an hour or two but the sh people were n't getting the notes down , that was the problem with that .
47 And then Boy cut back to the man on the bed , who was saying ( actually it was a different man in a different room , Boy realised ; the sofa and the quilted nylon counterpane were in a different colour in this room , though the man sitting there looked just like the last one ) , the man was saying I like your shoes , please take off your shoes ; and Boy cut backwards and forwards between this man and the politician beginning to lose his self-control and saying I would just ask people to forgive me really and to forgive my wife as well .
48 Where you know I would just take things in my stride .
49 So I can just check things out ? ’
50 O Olayan D L L stuff , I can just whip stuff from spreadsheets to word processors and st stick it on a clipboard .
51 I if I can just remind participants of what we said in our original objection , that further justification will be required to demonstrate that the level of detail proposed in the deposited policy H two is not incompatible with P P G three and does not involve over detailed or unduly restrictive policy guidance .
52 From my crevice between the two machines I can just see Pa 's face .
53 But David with with respect but David I can just see people 's eyes glazed over right now .
54 I can just see David doing it
55 I can just remember Helen 's bum !
56 See we , if I can just say Mark now , you and I know this truth , pe pe people in the world generally do n't know what you and I know do they ?
57 I can just imagine Women 's Institute ladies creeping out in the night to pinch jam jars from from graveyards .
58 Yeah , I 'm , I 've got another form , I can just take note of any other er personal pension , not personal pension , any erm other insurance you 've got , just put it on there and , and that 's
59 Finally , Chair , if I can just ask members to turn briefly to page C one , the first blue page .
60 You should just elect people to Parliament and have collective responsibility .
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