Example sentences of "[pers pn] [verb] the time have " in BNC.

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31 Dr Myerscough said : ‘ I have tried to put myself in the consultant 's shoes in this situation and I think his apparent instinct that he thought the time had come to induce labour was correct . ’
32 He knew the time had come to head directly north along the western coast and investigate Cape Wrath at last .
33 Then , just over two years later , John announced at the AGM ( which we use as an opportunity to set spiritual and practical goals for the year to come ) that he felt the time had come for church number three .
34 The general opinion seems to be that since the bastard 's decided to stop shooting people , he can remain anonymous , stay at large , enjoy life and freedom , and laugh up his sleeve at an incompetent police force until he decides the time has come for a little more high-velocity fun . ’
35 Mr Clarke 's remarks followed a call by John Major for a public campaign against lawlessness in which he said the time had come to ‘ understand a little less and condemn a little more ’ .
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