Example sentences of "[pos pn] eyes fixed on " in BNC.

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1 In the shadow of the bus , a vulture wheeling overhead , I kept my eyes fixed on the bush behind us .
2 I keep my eyes fixed on my script .
3 I revolve about you , dazed and unhappy , with my eyes fixed on you helplessly .
4 The official blurb explains that the plaster figures ‘ stand as if boldly forging ahead , their eyes fixed on our motherland 's beautiful future ’ .
5 The storm had passed and done its worst ; now the women gathered , dressed alike in full dark skirts and tucked-in blouses , shawls pulled over their heads — re-enacting a painting by Krøyer , their eyes fixed on the sea .
6 Several other Muslim families stood by in shock , their eyes fixed on brush fires scorching the opposite hillside .
7 Modern scholars , conscious of the large issues involved in this struggle , have generally found this intrusion of the local and material interests of the church of Canterbury at a critical moment incomprehensible , and having their eyes fixed on the historically more important matters of investiture and homage , they have supposed that Anselm 's eyes must also have been similarly directed .
8 If , amidst the generally apocalyptic atmosphere of the time , devout Jews were anxiously awaiting the advent of two Messiahs — one royal from David , one priestly from Aaron — they would have had their eyes fixed on a limited number of families .
9 The Doctor had expected this to provoke some reaction but the Chelonians remained resolutely silent , their eyes fixed on the big screen that showed a trundling view of their journey through the wastes .
10 They would just stand there , motionless , their eyes fixed on the horizon , scarcely speaking to each other .
11 Then again they would just stand there , or squat down in the shade of a sand hill , their eyes fixed on the two endless parallels , following them out until they joined and lost themselves in the bush .
12 The cat looked up , and then it began to work its way upwards , its eyes fixed on its intended prey .
13 Bill looks at the Danish and then at the dog , its eyes fixed on the Danish .
14 It whined , backed away with its eyes fixed on Grimma , and then darted off into the darkness .
15 She waited , sipping the water , her eyes fixed on me .
16 With her thoughts far away and her eyes fixed on the distant horizon , she did not notice where she was going — and as the tall , broad-shouldered man who was coming from the opposite direction was too deeply absorbed in his own reflections to be aware of his surroundings , there was a sudden abrupt collision .
17 Hilary Robarts had been slumped back in her chair , her eyes fixed on Lessingham .
18 Now , thirty years later , lying rigid , her eyes fixed on the sky , she remembered that single word , his eyes looking into hers , his hands on her shoulders , the bark of the tree scraping her back through her Aertex shirt .
19 She still kept her eyes fixed on the swirling liquid ; when she did speak it was part-defiance and part-apology .
20 He would look up from his newspaper after supper to find her eyes fixed on him , in a way which brought back to him the passion with which she had kissed him upon the moor .
21 ‘ Jemima , ’ Artemis whispered , her eyes fixed on her lace table mat .
22 Every time Vernon looked back she was striding with her chin tilted theatrically , her eyes fixed on the smoky heavens .
23 She wished Mother a Happy Christmas , her eyes fixed on the child across the road and that silhouette of Mr Punch who now appeared with raised and menacing fist .
24 Then she knuckled off to the back of the cage and Fifi followed , her eyes fixed on the banana although she was n't trying to snatch .
25 ‘ The Angry Sun in truth , ’ said Fenella , her expression absorbed , her eyes fixed on Goibniu and the others .
26 Fenella , her heart thudding frantically , kept her eyes fixed on the door and a fearful hope began to unfurl .
27 To watch him then was such a mingled joy of yearning and pity that sometimes , frightened of her waking thoughts but more afraid of the nightmares of sleep , she would carry her night-light into his bedroom and crouch by the cot for an hour or more , her eyes fixed on his sleeping face , her restlessness soothed by his peace .
28 But when Maria Filippa heard Davide laugh , she twisted up from her stricken position and her eyes fixed on him with hatred , ‘ You 're laughing , are you ?
29 Tess used to rest her head on the cow 's body , her eyes fixed on a distant field .
30 Madra was shivering again , her eyes fixed on the Circle beyond the burning longhouses .
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