Example sentences of "[pers pn] can assume that " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Then I can assume that you made your decision and that condolences are not required .
2 Well if i if it comes up and tells me there 's no airlines there , then I can assume that there 's no airlines !
3 You can assume that I mean legitimate , ethical and otherwise proper methods .
4 ‘ And if they 're not in by tomorrow morning — and I mean tomorrow morning — you can assume that we 'll be buying our photocopying paper elsewhere ! ’
5 This assumption is not required before you can assume that X causes Y , but it is required if you want to know how X is causing Y .
6 From this you can assume that the A2 works connected up to pretty much anything and for this review that 's how I put it through its paces .
7 If the new work is given to you in a lecture , you can assume that you require two hours of study for each hour of lecture — for reading of the subject before the lecture , and as a first review ( " within the first 24 hours ) .
8 This is not the sort of news which would make the front pages of newspapers , but you can assume that on the day everyone will be interested in the bride and groom and their respective families .
9 Now you can assume that whoever put him in just made a mistake , or panicked , and could n't find enough bullets , or something , but the careful cutting out of all those clothes labels does n't look like panic , or making careless mistakes .
10 You can assume that tests are negative if you have not heard from us within 6 weeks of the test being taken .
11 ‘ If Sir Vivien had reached the fifteenth green at the time of his abduction and Bonzo arrived in the clubhouse at ten o'clock , we can assume that Sir Vivien himself must have begun his round at , shall we say , about half past eight . ’
12 Initially the subject will attend to a new stimulus but will then gradually lose interest and start to look away ( habituation ) ; if the stimulus is then changed in some way and if this causes a re-awakening of interest ( dishabituation ) then we can assume that the baby has detected the change .
13 If the subject prefers to look at one stimulus rather than another we can assume that he has detected a difference between them .
14 Unfortunately there are no German records in existence ( perhaps something may now turn up after the reunification ! ) but we can assume that the result of the raid fell short of causing significant damage to the German war machine .
15 Mr Grayson replied : ‘ If we can assume that the same degree of care is taken in all countries showing — and I think it is true , certainly , of Switzerland and West Germany — beech observations , then you could certainly say that the health of beech trees reflected in crown condition must be borne out by observation . ’
16 I have been told by many other breeders that they have experienced a similar thing in their own kennels and so we can assume that the pecking order is not always maintained through physical strength .
17 We need to ask whether the effects of hypnosis upon human thought processes , on reasoning and memory , are really understood ; whether we can assume that a person under hypnosis truly remembers actual events .
18 We can assume that his scepticism extended to his belief in the efficacy of non-violence because he notes that reading Tolstoy influenced him greatly and cured him of his scepticism making him a believer again in ahi sā .
19 Therefore we can assume that there are 3 minor pentatonic scales all found in the key of G Major : ie. A , B and E minor pentatonics .
20 Once this has been confirmed , we can assume that the sudden loss of sexual ability has a psychological cause .
21 We can assume that the Norse invasions of the later ninth and tenth centuries had some influence on the more vulnerable coastal churches , but there was nothing like the disruption which drove many northern bishoprics southwards for over a century .
22 A millennium earlier we can assume that her personality and role were less specifically defined .
23 We can assume that in a normal working session a lexicographer will spend a relatively long time thinking as opposed to manipulating text .
24 Since the ‘ Keynesian ’ sees no reason to expect money incomes to be directly affected by the increase in the money supply , we can assume that the transactions and precautionary demands remain unchanged at first .
25 That may cause practical problems in detecting the consequences , but this is a thought experiment after all , and we can assume that technical ingenuity will prove equal to the task of providing adequate amplification of the signal .
26 we can assume that it means the piano .
27 If we bear in mind that the institutions that did not reply may also have included some for whom the questionnaire was inappropriate , we can assume that the responses we obtained would represent somewhere approaching half those working in teacher education at the time .
28 Fewer than one in ten of LEAs in England and Wales have conducted thorough language surveys , which means that we can assume that most schools still have less than adequate knowledge about the languages and dialects known to their pupils .
29 So we can assume that analysis of prior linguistic units has two effects on subsequent processing .
30 In other words , we can assume that most of the speech analysed by Beattie was actually being planned as the discussions proceeded .
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