Example sentences of "[modal v] be say [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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31 If the ‘ qualified driver ’ does not do what can be reasonably expected of him regarding these duties the learner could be said to be not under supervision .
32 There are many alternative implementations of trie memory , in fact the 26-way tree just described could be said to be a type of trie .
33 That is , in the subject of proposition 55 ‘ thought ’ is opposed to ‘ reality ’ almost as if a language game as a whole could be said to be justified by something outside it .
34 To use the argument brought forward against the related speculation of Block ( i.e. about the tiny homunculi ) , one might at the very least want to deny that the higher and lower consciousnesses could , in any sense , be the same consciousnesses , whether or not they could be said to be in a physical part — whole relationship .
35 One of the best known of all British sociological studies , Young and Willmott 's Family and Kinship in East London ( 1957 ) , could be said to be a community study , though it has a specific focus and is based mainly , though not entirely , on data collected through a social survey .
36 In at least one case , Afghanistan , the regime could be said to be fully subordinate to Moscow .
37 Merleau-Ponty , on the other hand , arguing that only one Marxism , Stalinism , could be said to be the product of actual history , rejected any possibility of trying to define a new , more genuine Marxism as the return-to-Marxists tried to do .
38 Although both could be said to be reacting against the ossification of Stalinism , the subjectivist and ultra-objectivist paths that they followed were antithetical .
39 In this way Foucault could be said to be returning to Marx in removing the subject from the centre of history , were it not for the fact that he dispenses with the consolations of Marx 's historicism also .
40 The illustration of such a double logic working at a textual level often comes to seem remarkably close to a deconstructive analysis : in the same way as Derrida or de Man could be said to be deconstructing received readings that have institutional purchase , so the new historicists shift our understanding of institutionalized historical accounts .
41 I mean I know an awful lot of people outside Harlow who who come here but Harlow people could be said to be apathetic or not being marketed rightly .
42 This analysis could be said to be self-serving , yet it is not without justification ; the president was never as powerful as the critics suggested .
43 Points of view could be said to be central to the formal legal enterprise .
44 By this definition , the question of what would count as a comprehensive health service could be said to be a polycentric one .
45 If the Fourth Symphony to some extent thrives on Brüggen 's extrovert approach , the Pastoral could be said to be diminished by it .
46 According to Townsend 's estimates , over half the people in Britain at some state in their lives may well experience relative deprivation to such an extent that they could be said to be ‘ in poverty ’ for those periods .
47 It is a way of bringing some kind of order to the many diverse things which the scriptures could be said to be about .
48 Even the recipe for George Washington 's mother 's gingerbread allegedly found " in an old worn cookery book " dated 1784 , of which the first item on the list of ingredients is ½ cup of margarine , could be said to be honest in the sense that it is candidly admitted that margarine is what is actually now used in the kitchens at Claverton Manor , the American Museum near Bath where both the gingerbread and the leaflet giving the recipe are purveyed to the public .
49 Thus , for a short interlude , the religion of the monarch could be said to be neither papist nor Protestant ; and while it was safe to admit to either persuasion , it was wise to support neither too vigorously .
50 Whereas any belief can be anchored , regardless of the content of the belief , only certain sons of belief could be said to be objectified .
51 Nevertheless , they could be said to be implicit justifications of an almost fully formulated nature , in that they provide reasons for the existence of the monarchy and its ceremonial occasions .
52 A psychological rationalization could be said to be a justification for a position , which is held for reasons not related to the justification .
53 Although some of this work may be informed by certain theoretical readings — Irigaray , Cixous , Kristeva , Judith Butler , or some of the work by Italian feminists on the mother-daughter relationship — there is a real sense in which these artists could be said to be producing theory visually .
54 Held , that in the opinion of the court , ( 1 ) a stay for delay or any other reason was to be imposed only in exceptional circumstances ; that , even where delay could be said to be unjustifiable , the imposition of a permanent stay was to be the exception rather than the rule ; and that even more rarely could a stay properly be imposed in the absence of fault on the part of the complainant or the prosecution , and never where the delay was due merely to the complexity of the case or contributed to by the defendant 's actions ( post , pp. 18H — 19A ) .
55 Held , dismissing the appeal , that the power to make an order under section 236 of the Insolvency Act 1986 was not confined to documents which could be said to be necessary to reconstitute the state of the company 's knowledge , even if that might be one of the purposes most clearly justifying the making of an order , but extended to all documents which the administrator reasonably required to see to carry out his functions ; that the applicant had to satisfy the court that after balancing all the relevant factors , there was a proper case for making the order ; that since the information sought was necessary to enable the administrators to carry out the administration and production of the documents did not impose an unnecessary and unreasonable burden on the accountants , the registrar 's order despite its width , was proper in the exceptional circumstances ( post , pp. 855E–H , 860C–D , 862D–E , G–H , 863D , 864E ) .
56 Only Geoffrey , tugging at his hair , sniffing , thumping the tablecloth , could be said to be concentrating on the person beside him .
57 ‘ Brother shall deliver up brother to death ’ could be said to be true of Jerome , for if he had not killed he had indeed delivered Aldhelm to his death .
58 Certainly , academics will tend to identify with their department more than their institution ; but there is a sense in which the worldwide subject-based invisible college could be said to be basic .
59 These technologies could be said to be neo-Fordist — that is they make use of information technologies but within a framework determined in the Fordist era .
60 An SBU was taken to be any subsidiary business interest of the group which could be said to be largely separable and could be treated as having a commercial life of its own .
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