Example sentences of "[be] [verb] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 They are peaceful people , too , and many of them have been persecuted for that love of peace : Arthur Raistrick , Yorkshire Dalesman and the greatest living Dales historian , was imprisoned as a pacifist during the First World War , while in earlier times , the Quakers led by William Penn fled to America where they founded Pennsylvania , the capital city of which is Philadelphia , the city of brotherly love .
32 The need for regulatory change had been mooted for some time .
33 Laws to prohibit discrimination on the ground of disability and to advance equal opportunities for disabled Britons have been mooted for some time .
34 An attempt to remove Kevin Maxwell has been mooted for some time .
35 These settings must have been intended for private use since Calvin objected to polyphony in church , but when the Lutherans adopted them , using Ambrosius Lobwasser 's translation of Marot-de Beze ( Leipzig , 1573 ) , their congregations undoubtedly sang the tunes .
36 ( b ) The property must have been intended for private use , occupation or consumption .
37 Viking is way behind schedule : it had been intended for this quarter , but StorageTek said that based on the present status of the product and schedule estimates it expects IBM-compatible products based on Viking architecture to be available in the second half of 1994 .
38 That system had been intended for some time .
39 She had been paralysed for thirty years .
40 Sometimes this research was located in areas where the effects of human activity had been sustained for many centuries .
41 ‘ We will want to know if the warning lights had only been flashing for 10 seconds and not 30 . ’
42 Geraldine , who worked as accounts clerk at Yarmouth Marine Base left to accompany her RAF husband to Cyprus where he has been posted for three years .
43 Farmyard , horse , cow , pig , sheep , goat , poultry and similar ‘ raw ’ manures are all very variable because they must depend upon the food intake of the animals concerned , and the age of the manure — the time it has been stacked for nitrogenous urine to have drained out or been decomposed .
44 ‘ At the alleged places of detention , ’ Mr Ahtisaari said , ‘ the facilities were found to have been stripped of all valuable material and not to have been inhabited for several weeks at least . ’
45 For instance , treatments are listed for such conditions as suppurative pneumonia , cerebral oedema and purulent nephritis , obviously requiring highly skilled veterinary care and sometimes remedies at the highest potencies .
46 The aim is to check that sufficient information has been gathered for each variable to make statistics upon them valid .
47 The release of these chemicals following drainage has been recognized for some time , but researchers at the Australian national research organization ( CSIRO ) now offer an explanation of the cause and also point to the great risks involved in large-scale land reclamation projects .
48 The structure and organization of public services do not , at present , foster service developments which match the King 's Fund recommendations , and the need for an overhaul in the way services are organized has been recognized for some years .
49 I am convinced that stuff had been accumulating for many years in this cellar and that Ernest Griffiths had no idea what was in there .
50 Indications of Mr Mandela 's growing political stature in the eyes of the government have been accumulating for some time .
51 By the time he and Norman strode out to try to win the 1986 British Open , Bender had been caddying for eighteen years , having picked up his first serious bag when he was 18 years old .
52 However , we now have enough material to examine the way in which the equations of motion are developed for turbulent flows .
53 However , techniques that are developed for theoretical purposes or for other applications may have relevance to the present project , and this is indicated where appropriate .
54 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
55 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
56 Another suggestion was that an entire class of LMS express locomotives had been withdrawn for some reason .
57 CPRW has evidence that the sale of holiday units as permanent residences is already beginning to happen where the temporary occupancy clause , which is customarily enforced on caravan and chalet sites , has been withdrawn for some reason .
58 Some of these workers may have just entered the labour market from school , some may have been made redundant from their previous jobs , some may have been sacked for one reason or another and many will have quit their previous jobs in order to create time to search for more satisfactory ones .
59 Sheriff Carl Peed of Virginia in America , said the un-named officer was the first woman to be been sacked for sexual harassment .
60 A second Gloucestershire social worker has been sacked for smoking cannabis while in charge of a group of youngsters on holiday in Devon .
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