Example sentences of "[conj] i [modal v] give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 He picks himself up and declares about Fedka , later in the novel , ‘ I suffered for ten years on his account , more than he suffered as a soldier , and — and I 'll give him my purse . ’
32 His kisses and cuddles soothed me , and I stopped crying when he said : ‘ He 's a bad dog , and I 'll give him a good hiding for that . ’
33 Maybe we 'll come across a friendly native with a forked stick going in the right direction and I 'll give him the big-screen smile and hand it over .
34 Tell Laura , and I 'll give her a call myself . ’
35 You can come in on Saturday and I 'll give it you then . ’
36 Now , there 's a proof for that and I 'll give it to you but but you 're not expected to know it , but it 's there for those of you who want it .
37 I 'll give you your pocket money and then you stick a fiver in and I 'll give it you back .
38 Yeah , just ask me and I 'll give it
39 ‘ Get good marks and I 'll give you a terrific record .
40 ‘ You come with me , ’ she says , ‘ and I 'll give you a night you 'll never forget . ’
41 Do me a favour and I 'll give you three francs instead of your fifty centimes [ which she gave him daily ] . ’
42 Once when I was in design and technology class , I asked him to give me a screw and he said , ‘ See me after school and I 'll give you one . ’
43 It was claimed by the witnesses in their evidence that Hegan was the poor relation , he claims he was offered £1,000 , and swore he heard Bremner say ‘ Give us a penalty and I 'll give you a grand . ’
44 ‘ Say an Act of Contrition now , and I 'll give you absolution . ’
45 Do that for me , and I 'll give you a tanner ( all to yourself ) .
46 Instead he bent over , looked at the sore , patted me on the head and said : ‘ Come into the shop and I 'll give you some sweets .
47 ‘ I could n't tell you much about Liverpool 's players these days but ask me about Uxbridge 's outside-right and I 'll give you a Dimbleby lecture — if you can stay awake long enough , ’ he jokes .
48 You 've just signed a new striker , I told him , and I 'll give you three guesses who it is .
49 Anything you want , just let me know and I 'll give you a good price .
50 Now , come into the workshop and I 'll give you the boots I want delivered . ’
51 ‘ Pop over in an hour , ’ said Joe , ‘ and I 'll give you the wallet .
52 I 'll teach you what pleasure there is in making love and I 'll give you all the time you need to adjust to your new circumstances . "
53 Come back next week , if you dare , and I 'll give you my answer . "
54 And I 'll give you the old name for it .
55 So let's try another one and I 'll give you some of the details and the questions that I 'm going to ask on it later .
56 Yeah erm you give you give you give me the money now and I 'll give you the elephant later it 's just round the corner .
57 Keep your eyes open , Jim , and I 'll give you half of everything I have . ’
58 It went : ‘ Dear citizens , vote for me and I 'll give you houses .
59 So I 'm going to do erm a half add a third okay and a third add a quarter and a half take away a third okay and I 'll give you another one to do How about this one .
60 ‘ Dismount and I 'll give you a hand .
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