Example sentences of "[conj] it [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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31 The NZRFU rather prides itself on its official-player liaison , of treating its players handsomely , and it rather hopes that they in turn would treat the NZRFU with courtesy , if not affection .
32 Mandarin , head down and drained of all energy , was all out , and it still seemed that his heroic effort might come to nothing , for the French horse Lumino was gaining with every stride and closing inexorably on the leader .
33 Section 142(2) provided that where a person had been convicted by the magistrates when he had pleaded not guilty or been convicted in his absence and it subsequently appeared that it would be in the interests of justice that the case be heard again by different justices the court might , subject to sub-section ( 4 ) so direct .
34 It did not want any kind of disorder to be filmed , including unparliamentary behaviour by Members ( or even Members trying to attract attention by wearing fancy dress or clothes bearing slogans ) , and it therefore recommended that in all cases of disruption or disorder the director should cut to wide-angle shots , which would not show the offending incident , or to the occupant of the Chair .
35 He later remarked that if the government was to fulfil its role it should not be affiliated to any party , and it therefore followed that the Premier should not belong to any party either .
36 Now we have seen that we can use Xd in place of X , where d is an arbitrary diagonal matrix ; and it therefore follows that unc is also diagonal .
37 The coffins have identical plumbing and outer cases , and it therefore appears that the same funeral furnisher was used throughout , giving a continuity of thirty-one years .
38 Often this criticism is less than coherent , and it sometimes seems that a principal reason for the volume of protest is simply that rates are an unusually transparent tax ; there are few other cases where individuals are personally and directly responsible for making payments ’ .
39 These magnetic anomalies were found to be hundreds of kilometres long and typically 20–30 km across , and it initially seemed that they were caused by alternating bands of weakly and strongly magnetized rocks .
40 Hence ( see 1.9 ) unc must also be diagonal and it then follows that unc is also diagonal .
41 IBM Corp is leaving launch of the new top-end mainframe disk drive to its AdStar unit in San Jose , and it now appears that the introduction has been brought forward to tomorrow — perhaps in an effort to steal Hitachi Data Systems Inc 's thunder .
42 Sugars also attach to proteins to form ‘ glycoproteins ’ , and it now seems that most proteins function only in the form of glycoprotein .
43 Its discovery in E. coli is relatively recent , and it now seems that most bacteria can be transformed by raw DNA .
44 However , the sex of the fetus will be known in numerous situations of antenatal diagnosis other than for sex-linked diseases , and it now seems that some women seek abortions merely because they are dissatisfied with the sex of the fetus .
45 However , it should be noted that Scrutton LJ 's words were said in a case involving a contract between commercial parties and it now seems that the insistence that public policy is primarily concerned with holding people to their agreements is now out of favour .
46 And it certainly means that any debate will have to be open , and not tied to deals between politicians : the decision must , ultimately , be made by the people by referendum .
47 After the violent conditions that erm we think occurred in the early life of the earth and injected energy and churned up the atmosphere and formed the prebiotic molecules , we find that just those same molecules are actually in the clouds in space , and these clouds are the basic raw material from which stars and plants form in the first place , so we might ask the question could they have got into the earth 's atmosphere without this intermediate process , and I think there are mechanisms whereby these molecules can accrete into the earth 's atmosphere , and it certainly suggests that we should look at thse and certainly not be taken as a foregone conclusion that the Uray/Miller experiments are the only mechanism whereby the prebiotic soup was formed .
48 The old sunset-defying British Empire stands out even better , and it so happens that the main fossiliferous parts of it fall on a non-equatorial great circle , thereby providing ample ammunition for the polar wanderers .
49 The armourers all slept in a long room on the first floor , with J. in a small room to himself at the end , and it so happened that Matthew occupied the corresponding small room immediately underneath on the ground floor .
50 This was a wire type recorder , and it so happened that during the very substantial impact a piece of structure cut across the take-up spool presenting the investigators with something like 11 000 lengths of wire about ten inches long on which the events were recorded .
51 Whether strictly order twenty eight , er order sixty , rule twenty eight for erm applies in this case is not amount entirely clear to me because the obligation to lodge a bill of taxation under rule twenty nine provides that he must begin proceedings for the taxation either within three months after the judgement direction or order of the terminations enter sides are otherwise perfected , and that is presently on it 's face which seemed to be debited May of nineteen ninety three and er accordingly that is right , it 's not in fact been any failure to comply with order tw order sixty two , rule twenty nine , one , and that has n't been disregarded , it 's not entirely clear to me that erm there is any matter come from paragraph sub paragraph A of rule twenty eight , four , it may already require , still nevertheless erm fall within paragraph B of rule fo , erm there has in fact been a delay in lodging the bill of costs for taxation , the delay being really and truly , the delay in having the order of Mr Justice perfected and it seems to me that although in chasing matters generally speaking it is the court will itself draw the order , nevertheless where er it seems to be clearly in this case would contemplate it that counsel would sign a minute erm that counsel do sign a minute and that minute has been signed having forwarded by the defendants solicitors to the defendants solicitors seems to me it must be the case that erm the obligation to , as it were , forward that minute to the court , it is an obligation which would lie upon the plaintiffs solicitors and it maybe said that erm there has been delay and erm on the best it should be lodged with the court sealed , er shortly after it was received and that therefore on that footing there has been delay lodging the bill of costs for concession , er Mr , doctor does n't seemed to be take any point in relation to that er because it 's not in his interest to do so , it seems to be that he does have to say if it has been delayed , with an order of twenty eight rule four that 's a rule , rule , rule twenty eight er four if he is to have interest disbarred and er Mr er he 'll apparently have the matter of read before the taxing master , it seems that the taxing master did not chew any sympathy with that er suggestion , that er there was in fact no breach of the requirement rule twenty , four , Mr he said , very probably , that erm , look on text upon it , he really is concerned to erm have this case dealt with as you put it on the merits , it seems to me it 's in the interest of all parties that erm I should deal with the case on merits have on the assumption erm that er , that that was lodged properly I think , I ca I , a matter of which found within rule twenty eight , four and that the taxing officer give our interest under that rule .
52 The Grammar School at Wigan was almost equidistant between London and Glasgow , and it naturally followed that the bulk of the passenger traffic passed in the middle of the day .
53 And it wo n't do that until it fully recognizes that it is poverty that provides the most fertile soil for the coca plant .
54 Even if it eventually transpires that the Lorenz equations do not satisfy the conditions necessary to justify the rigorous analysis ( but see { 33 } ) , it is none the less true that a great many ( infinitely many ) homoclinic orbits do occur in the system though perhaps not distributed densely through all r-intervals .
55 If an SFA member which has private customers is itself asked to agree to be a market counterparty of another SFA member , it can agree only if it reasonably believes that its own customers will still be protected .
56 B : Oh he got a fine If it later transpires that Harry got a life sentence too , then B ( if he knew this all along ) would certainly be guilty of misleading A , for he has failed to provide all the information that might reasonably be required in the situation .
57 If it now emerges that the Department of the Environment was over-generous to any of the water authorities last year , OFWAT has no choice but to live with the consequences .
58 Assuming that neither the document in question , nor the tests of which its examination formed a part , gave the auditor reason to be put on enquiry , he can hardly be criticised if it subsequently transpires that the document was fraudulently created or used .
59 ( If it so happens that yellow wallpaper does take away your appetite , then for you it is relevant . )
60 Moreover we can discuss the meaning of what is being said even if it so happens that there are no trees in the park , or if all the trees happened to be the same age and none of them was an oak .
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