Example sentences of "[verb] [be] for [adj] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The holes drilled are for light weight — and they are just that .
2 erm The response has been for that authority then to groin its bit of beach , and so we end up with a situation today where along the Sussex coast practically the whole of the coast is groined , except for the areas which are backed by high cliffs , erm where we have the sorts of rates of erosion that I mentioned .
3 Although the triple junctions identified in Africa , including those along the continental margin as well as those in the interior , have variously evolved by spreading along one , two or all three rift arms , the most common sequence has been for one arm to remain inactive and form an aulacogen , with spreading occurring along the other two ( Fig. 4.13 ) .
4 But the broad trend has been for this gap between the experience of rich and poor worlds to narrow ( see the graph on Page 16 ) .
5 One way out of the dilemma has been for larger Japanese companies to reduce transaction costs with outside suppliers by promising continuity in their subcontracting arrangements .
6 As Elisabeth , Rosalind Plowright sounded more secure than she has been for some time on British stages and sang her last aria with true Verdian pathos and passion .
7 If a child is sniffing with a group of young people , and has been for some time , it may help to provide other more interesting and exciting leisure activities .
8 My wife Pam has been for some time aware that I have been having an on-going relationship with Suzannah , who I believe is known to some of you .
9 There has been for some time in Africa debate concerning the suitability for the Eucharist of wheat bread and grape wine .
10 Evidence from official statistics suggests that the number of households containing two or more elementary families has indeed fallen : from 3 per cent of households in 1961 to 1 per cent in 1981 ( Social Trends , 1987 , p. 41 , table 2.1 ) Clearly this is , and apparently has been for some time , very much a minority arrangement within the British population as a whole .
11 ‘ The Khanate is settled , and has been for some time , ’ his father said dismissively .
12 For one thing , Kelly 's very happily involved in a relationship and has been for some time , so I 'm quite convinced her eyes wo n't stray towards any ski-bums , no matter how handsome . ’
13 Bob Gunnell , of course , is an was and has been for some time a very supportive member of South East Arts and active in many of its committees .
14 One possibility being considered is for solar power to be used to pump downstream water back up to the main reservoir , so restoring the head of water needed to generate hydro-electric power .
15 If one is still searching for ways to explain this absence , believing with most ethologists , socio-biologists , and even some social anthropologists that aggression is part of human nature , then the obvious place to look is for some form of ritual as catharsis , or try to identify some other culturally constructed behaviour pattern which allows the individual Chewong to shed negatively valued arousal states , like anger , which according to such theories would build up and erupt in uncontrolled violent behaviour .
16 All that was needed was for one kind of film to do well at the box-office and a new Hollywood format would be established .
17 Much of the cider produced was for local consumption , with farmers bringing in their cartloads of apples for processing .
18 The cry should have been for real money , the only means by which genuine choice can be exercised and discrimination on the basis of age eliminated .
19 IT WAS a case of what might have been for Scottish trio Cathy Panton-Lewis , Julie Forbes and Gillian Stewart in the opening round of the Republic of China Open at Chang Gung in Taipei yesterday .
20 A predisposition to stress such as that apparently suffered by the accused in the present case might fall foul of this restriction and it may have been for this reason that the Court of Appeal preferred to regard the case as one which might have been disposed of under section 78 had not the trial judge wrongly taken the view that that section also requires some misconduct on the part of the police .
21 What little opportunity there might have been for careful integration , had been lost .
22 The Greater Peterborough TEC says : ’ Within the Youth Training programme we have about 150 young people actively seeking a place for training who at the moment have not been given an offer the fundamental problem is that the unit cost on which the funds are allocated being for this programme are too low we would hope that more money will be available to meet the guarantee because again , it is not a genuine guarantee , it is a demand-led guarantee and if we are funded on the basis of historical take-up this is bound to change when the economic climate changes , as has been experienced recently .
23 They know the truth : that life with an aged parent can be a strange mixture of joy and sorrow , and all they ask is for that fact to be accepted , not glossed over by their family and society , and then to be offered some practical ideas on how to make the best of a good job , which they consider to be well worth doing .
24 All that we ask is for sufficient land so that we may then help ourselves .
25 All it took was for one saleslady to tell her she looked lovely and Mrs McMahon was persuaded .
26 The punchcards in the basic packs which are marked for colour changing are for manual yarn changing , where it is the pattern that is intended to change ; so these wo n't work with the colour changer either .
27 Well we 've had a go well I think it was for erm some sort of I think was for multiple sclerosis
28 The equipment listed is for 26 windsurfer guests in 1989 .
29 The equipment listed is for 50 windsurf guests in 1990 , but during the year there will be updates and replacements .
30 The equipment listed is for 30 windsurf guests in 1990 , but during the year there will be some updates and replacements .
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