Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] it [is] [adv] " in BNC.

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31 But how do we know that it is vocationally advantageous to study history or to put it the other way round , that to study history is not vocationally disadvantageous ?
32 I am sure this happens , but I do n't know that it is any more so than for most other serious books , including the Bible and Shakespeare .
33 They should also know that it is very important that there must be established in the child 's mind at a very early age a dawning awareness of the fact that for all his life he will be required to submit to control from some source or other .
34 Do you know that it is far better to train by reward than by punishment ?
35 ‘ You are an apprentice historian and therefore should know that it is only in this century that this attempt to sanitise death has stricken our race .
36 How ancient this thought is we can see by noticing that it is just the figure Plato used in The Republic to supply his political myth justifying political inequality ( Bk .
37 No-one with even a passing knowledge of tax would doubt that it is now one of the most complex areas of an accountant 's work .
38 No one can doubt that it is far better to aim to prevent job problems arising than to try to cure them by means of a law suit .
39 Both its generic name Sciadopitys and its English name refer to the strap-shaped leaves which are arranged in whorls like the spokes of an umbrella , although it must be stressed that it is not a true pine .
40 It should be stressed that it is not nearness to industry per se which drew agricultural wages upwards , but proximity to the expanding newer industrial regions .
41 However , it should also be stressed that it is sometimes necessary in the turbulent transitional environment to make quick , dramatic changes in the organization 's character .
42 It should also be stressed that it is perfectly possible to have reservations about , or even to reject , both these schools , and yet to accept that there has indeed been a major shift in the economy and geography of the UK since the mid-1960s !
43 Many feminists will come this far with me but still shy away from the idea of pay for childcare , even when we 've clarified that it 's not the same demand as Wages for Housework .
44 They are also happy to accept that it is only because we have these mental states that we behave as we do .
45 But I 've come to accept that it 's far more sensitive and vulnerable than my other possessions and it can not be hauled back to the manufacturers at the first sign of malfunction .
46 There must be some gain to the citizen , however minimal , in living under a constitution which regularises the way in which power is exercised ; even where government is authoritarian , it matters that it is not arbitrary .
47 It was a relief to Jean to know that it is n't just the children after all .
48 The child needs to know that it is not his fault that everyone is so upset and that someone has died and he is not being punished .
49 ‘ Old enough , I think , to know that it is not . ’
50 I have been in the House long enough to know that it is not appropriate for me to comment on evidence given to a Select Committee until that Committee has reported .
51 Scandalmongers will be disappointed to know that it is not the prostitutes which I have in mind here , rather the fact that this little thing called Amendment 27 to the Maastricht bill is also receiving such a chorus of anticipation .
52 You ca n't see it but you need to know that it is there .
53 The Code recognizes itself as having the support of s. 66 and it would be expected that it is indeed ‘ generally recognized ’ .
54 They propose that it is not , in fact , inherently dysfunctional and should be valued as something positive and authentic : different , not inferior .
55 The uses for speech synthesis are so varied that it is almost impossible to list them .
56 The belief that different treatment methods are needed for and tried on different populations of sufferers does not stand up to critical examination : the stories of those in recovery from addictive disease through the Anonymous Fellowships are so immensely varied that it is quite clear that this population has not been selected in any way .
57 Even this affects church life , as I shall show , but we must recognise that it is not only rank hedonism that flourishes under private banners .
58 However , he should recognise that it is not just the consumer who responds to ‘ market forces ’ .
59 and I think we must recognise that it is only that many of the questions and questionnaire had they been displayed of what they wanted to propose .
60 Editor , — Fritz H Schröder rightly emphasises that it is not known whether treatment of early prostatic cancer is beneficial or whether screening for the disease offers any advantage .
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