Example sentences of "[noun] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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61 I had joined them on their route marches out of the concentration area at Southampton .
62 The origin of the synagogue goes back to the Babylonian period .
63 To enable researchers to report back on the results of recently completed research in the Scottish courts to an invited audience comprising the various branches of the legal profession , policy makers concerned with the administration of justice , pressure group and voluntary organisations and to stimulate an informed discussion of key findings .
64 Dan got up from the breakfast bar .
65 I send minutes laid out in the proper style .
66 There is nothing what actually says , only when that cheque goes back to the bank , there 's nothing anywhere apart from the bank who says that cheque is actually made out to .
67 And the prince goes down through the wood to another exit
68 At a depth of 16 metres he came across a larger than life size bronze foot sticking out of the sand that proved only to be the tip of a large area of buried statues dating from the fifth century BC to the fourth century AD .
69 As Lane points out for the Soviet Union : ‘ However much control they have over Soviet production enterprises , managers and administrators can neither dispose of their assets for their private good , nor can their children have any exclusive rights to nationalised property ’ ( Lane 1982 , p. 135 ) .
70 because I just think it would , it 's so important to get that bit , that bit goes along with the all the application bit , if we tie those two up together
71 You 've got ta get the stu the smell goes in to the liquid then you chuck the liquid away .
72 There was a guitar on the table , and a frilled black silk shirt hanging up behind the door .
73 The team will play to the rules laid down for the 1992 World Cup .
74 The Commission made a provisional determination that the plaintiffs had failed to establish a claim according to the rules laid down under the statute .
75 Claims brought in respect of loss of cargo will be governed by the rules laid down in the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1971 , the Hague-Visby Rules .
76 An exclusion clause , which purports to exclude or limit liability under these terms , is subject to the rules already outlined in this chapter , including the rules laid down in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 .
77 But these are only reasons of strategy , and a pragmatist believes judges should always be ready to override such reasons when he thinks that changing rules laid down in the past would be in the general interest overall , notwithstanding some limited damage to the authority of political institutions .
78 Each dance followed particular rules laid down by the dancing masters , and this idea continued to prevail even after Gluck began to compose operas and ballets which had greater continuity .
79 He disapproved of his bishop ( A. A. David ) for the tough way in which he handled three recalcitrant Anglo-Catholic priests who refused to conform to rules laid down by the bishop and yet did nothing about the radical dean of the cathedral who did things equally nonconforming in a Low Church direction .
80 But the five-figure sum paid for No 34 Smith Square , Westminster , will not reduce customers ' water bills under privatisation rules laid down by the Government itself .
81 If he does cause a byelection , he will face the charge that he is not prepared to play by the rules laid down by the party conference .
82 The personal estate was distributed in accordance with rules laid down by the Statutes of Distribution of Charles II 's and James II's reigns .
83 The Yorkshire Television helicopter , which had lifted the crew in , landed in pitch darkness , totally against the ground rules laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority , and lifted out the film equipment .
84 Since a Convention rule covering an issue displaces the need for resort to the conflicts of laws whilst the non-coverage of an issue necessitates recourse to the applicable law as determined by the conflicts rules of the forum , it may become necessary to decide whether an issue on which the Convention contains no express provision is covered by implication , applying any canons of interpretation laid down by the Convention itself , and if not , whether recourse is to be had to general conflict-of-laws rules or to any particular conflict rules laid down by the Convention .
85 The deliberations in Bonn were guided by rules laid down by the Allies .
86 True , the police do at times breach the rules laid down by the law .
87 ‘ I need a few hours to report back to the office , then my time can be my own .
88 Cecilia got on to the platform .
89 I wonder how Manzoni must have felt as he gazed out of his window at the Palazzo Belgioioso and the comings and goings of Prince Albercio ; the Prince rode out of the square each day on a horse , dressed in a bright general 's uniform , in order to review the private bodyguard he equipped and maintained .
90 Bishop Harris , who has welcomed me so warmly , has expressed his willingness to continue on until the end of the year whilst I complete my own duties in Westminster diocese .
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