Example sentences of "[adv] [verb] for a long " in BNC.

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31 It 's the first time I 've actually , well cos I have n't sung for a long time .
32 But that wo n't happen for a long time , says Richard Outcalt , a retail-sales consultant in Seattle .
33 I noticed how happy people were , which was something I had n't known for a long time .
34 She did n't breathe for a long time .
35 ‘ I strongly suspected for a long time that there were other men .
36 She read it through and then sat for a long time on the white strips of the reclining chair in which she had first seen Signor Fixit .
37 If a ‘ back fence ’ is used , the stock is confined to its daily strip and the remainder of the grass is completely rested for a long period .
38 Sometimes , when preparing for a long haul , I would only manage four hours ' rest , but that night I was asleep by eleven-thirty and did not rise till six .
39 ‘ We 've been completely ignored for a long time , which has been a pretty good thing because it 's given us time to develop , ’ beams Brett .
40 Many people were therefore trapped for a long time .
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