Example sentences of "[pron] 'll [adv] [verb] [det] " in BNC.

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1 But I 'll surely use some better card than this .
2 Sometimes I 'll even do more exaggerated things than he would have done , but I do it because that 's the way the music makes me feel .
3 tell me about taking bearings , what do you do , let's give you an example , of some bearings to take , erm , and then you can tell me what you 're doing , so there 's a point there , and we 'll call that erm , P , just to be awkward , now let's say what we 'll do , this is what we 'll d , this is a typical problem in fact , erm , I 'll even draw that line on for you to start with , yeah , here 's the problem , a ship is sailing due North , okay , and when it 's at the point of A it takes a bearing on the lighthouse , so the lighthouse is somewhere , do n't know where it is , but bearing of L from A is forty five degrees , and the bearing of L from B , which is when the ship has sailed on a lot further
4 hang on hang on now if you 're talking to a mathematician and you 're sort of saying cos squared is well erm you know if I integrate that ah I 'm going to get cos so if erm well I 'll just change that there and I 'll fiddle
5 I 'll just boycott that now and start complaining !
6 I 'll just drop this register in to Mrs Ellis and double check that address .
7 Erm I 'll just sort this out .
8 I 'll just dump this lot in the car . ’
9 I 'll just open these doors cos it 'll be too cold to go out there once we go out .
10 I 'll just pass these
11 What I am going to talk about next is erm I 'll just mention that , about another 5 minutes , I think , will get us to the other great bit of work that poor old Edward Heath had to do in St Aldate 's , which again , that gives us a great deal about the insight as to what it was like there .
12 Elizabeth replied , ‘ And I 'll just pour this milk into the skimming trays then take my apron off and come with you .
13 . I I 'll just stop this here actually .
14 They did n't what he 's done , he 's thought well I 'll just do that and incorporate the sink in it .
15 yeah okay , I 'll just do that
16 Um now um getting on to the next bit of the handout erm I 'll just do this next couple of paragraphs and then and then it 'll be time for a break for ten minutes or so .
17 Ah , number four , interesting one this , actually we did have a few er , mishaps on number four , employed client twenty four thousand , I 'll just do this one on the board , I think it might be an idea .
18 I 'll just do this crossword .
19 I 'll just do half of this and then eat it .
20 And that 's about What what what it is is they 've just someone 's asked me if I 'll just do some recordings of some of the lessons .
21 ‘ Plenty of nice dry wood for the cooking , ’ he said , ‘ and I 'll just collect some of those wild mushrooms , shall I ?
22 I 'll just finish these accounts , ’ he said .
23 Erm , yes they have , for forgive me , I 'll just finish this if you do n't mind , I 'm , I 'm almost there , one O ten point three eight .
24 you did , yes I 'll just give this potty , move , oh I 'm gon na fall over your feet , I 'll just give it a rinse out and dry it
25 I 'll just give these folks coming in the door a moment
26 Anyway I went to see Foxy at lunchtime and erm and he said that erm er and I mentioned it to him and I said you know do n't go up to Sal and say Jess is feeling like erm you know , feeling that he 's , feeling really jealous because er if , if Sal is trying to get back that will just like please him , you know , if he is trying , if that 's the whole aim of the whole , you know , the operation then , then he 'll just feel pleased and it will also embarrass Jessica and she does n't want and if , and if it 's not , if it was nothing , you know , she 'll feel embarrassed so please do n't say anything and he said no no I 'll just make some subtle , subtle comment and he went up to , he told me that he went up to Sal and he goes erm and he says how 's everything going with Jessica and Sal goes yeah it 's good and , and he go erm cos er Phil erm cos Foxy goes oh cos it 's , it 's going really well with me and Catriona , it 's going really well I 'm really enjoying it , what about you , you know , and Sal goes yeah , it 's really good and Foxy goes erm you know is it , is it a long term thing then , you looking for a long term thing do you think and Sal goes yeah , what about you and Foxy goes yeah yeah definitely yeah , you know , cos he was doing it subtly so I came back and I said to Jess you know really , an and Foxy said there was nothing strange about , it was no f you know it was definitely to fe s f erm Sal was er you know being truthful , there was not like erm yeah well yeah you know and trying to get off the subject , it was n't it was completely , yeah , it 's brilliant , going really well , really enjoying it and it 's gon na be long term sort of thing .
27 I 'll just switch that television off and you might pay some attention .
28 I 'll just repeat that .
29 and we 'll decide which ones we want , and I 'll just delete all the remaining empty
30 I 'll just wash these things up while I 'm here .
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