Example sentences of "[pron] 's [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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61 But it 's still considered that Balcerowicz 's reforms have been a success .
62 It 's commonly held that instruments are generally better made these days — even the cheap ones — and one of the prime benefits of this is that the purchaser has a better than even chance of buying a worthwhile instrument , regardless of cost .
63 Do n't think that because it 's actually ringing that it 's somebody ringing , or whatever .
64 It 's project engineering Roger but it 's actually saying that the project manager needs to be trained to ferret out certain information .
65 If it 's ever proved that the mink has had an unacceptable effect on the environment , then it might be difficult , if not impossible , to redress the balance .
66 he 's just saying that in a group if we look at the historical background of the language , it helps to see you know how What the strong points are of the linguistic and what we need to be bolstered on .
67 It 's a , is it in , and he 's just saying that the develop redevelopment starts in autumn ?
68 We 'll find , while he 's just finding that look there 's just one more item that 's erm a Christmas card from so I 'll pass that round so you can have a while we 're just trying to find .
69 At the moment he 's probably wishing that he 'd stuck to music .
70 I think he 's already confirmed that we did speak .
71 There again , he 's already proved that with willpower like his , almost anything is possible .
72 He 's already feeling that there is a counter movement in him which he is prepared to call nature , which links him to Eve and which will lead him to join Eve in her defiance of God .
73 I think he 's finally admitting that it 's all had an effect on him .
74 Johnny , but he 's since insisted that he be addressed as John . ’
75 He 's practically crippled that oldest lad of his , and him not ten yet , and she wo n't have a word said against him .
76 Pleasant and nice songs I suppose I do n't know it 's just , quite like it , it 's now big , it 's about the most thing he 's ever recorded that I have liked ,
77 He 's actually stated that he we have letter in which he states that he erm the Three Hundred group has his full support .
78 It 's something Dermot O'Shea is pleased to see — as Art Editor of The Irish Times he 's always felt that , just as a newspaper gives prominence to its top story , so also its best images should be treated with equal respect .
79 He 's always saying that , ’ Fred told her .
80 And he 's still insisting that he wants to move .
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