Example sentences of "[pron] 's [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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31 So it 's normally thought that within the utilitarian tradition , voters are required to vote their interests and then the democratic procedure tells us where the general happiness lies roughly speaking .
32 There 's been plenty of speculation about what will be cut and what will be taxed , but it 's widely expected that there 'll be a big increase in the scope of VAT .
33 No crimes are ever reported in the Magic Kingdom — and it 's even rumoured that fatal heart attack victims are smuggled out so their deaths can be recorded off the park .
34 It 's little wonder that the naturally shy Morrissey often seeks to retreat .
35 Gerald has been known to coin such memorable one-liners as the following : ‘ If the joy of the Lord is our strength , it 's little wonder that the church in Britain has been so weak and ineffective ’ ; ‘ There 's no virtue in being ten or twenty years behind the times ’ ; ‘ Most Christians are nicer than God himself ’ ; ‘ It is the unshared areas of our lives where Jesus is not Lord ’ ; ‘ One of the reasons the church in Britain has failed to grow is quite simply because it is full of people who are extremely rude ’ ; ‘ Putting the life of God into institutional Christianity is rather like putting the life of a human being into a kangaroo … . ’ 'You are only a leader if someone 's following you' ( Gerald Quotes ) .
36 It 's little wonder that this month Patrick Eggle guitars occupy two of the top ten slots in the British guitar sales league .
37 Add to that the dreadfully long hours that doctors and nurses have to work — sometimes 16-18 hour shifts — and it 's little wonder that mistakes are made .
38 It 's little wonder that the fax machine is so popular and that dial-up E-mail is such a rare species .
39 It 's perhaps fitting that the Services and Communication Department should bring up the rear in this group of presentations , because one of its key priorities is to provide a coherent professional support service to the organisation as a whole .
40 Yeah and all you know things that it 's almost expected that you will understand what they mean .
41 They , it 's always argued that the parish councils are closest to local people , they had an out and out objection from the Parish Council initially they have subsequently written to me twice in November moderating that position and saying subject to safeguards they they no longer have an outright objection .
42 It 's always said that Oppositions rarely win elections , Governments lose them .
43 The SD at Stuttgart recorded a comment , said to be frequently encountered in differing variants : ‘ It 's always claimed that the Führer has been sent to us from God .
44 In fact it 's sometimes said that it 's one of the very great privileges of the public is that they can , by dint of writing something , and putting it in an envelope with a stamp on it , get it to arrive on an editor 's desk , and have the editor at least give a cursory glance if not a more serious glance at what 's going on , so it 's a privilege and it 's an opportunity in that case .
45 It 's sometimes thought that this type of research takes place mainly in universities and institutes of higher education .
46 anything or it 's never published that if you go self-employed
47 He 'd walk me home from school and it 's often said that he carried my ballet shoes , which sounds kind of romantic , but he actually did sometimes , if I was carrying a whole load of things .
48 And that 's true , but it 's often forgotten that some of us on this side of the fence also play professionally — they say teachers are failed musicians and I suppose many people see music journalists as those not good enough even to teach !
49 It 's often thought that previous attempts have failed because there are n't enough well-trained classical actors in the USA to make such a repertory company feasible , but this is increasingly not the case : American drama students are eager to train in the UK , and the percentage of successful auditions held is relatively high .
50 Watch out … direct application can be messy ; it 's often recommended that the stained area is first wetted , then rinsed afterwards .
51 ‘ You have got to accept it but it 's absolutely maddening that 30,000 people saw a good tackle but the referee gave a foul .
52 It 's now hoped that China having fallen into line with the other four , will end its support for the notorious Khmer Rouge guerrilla army .
53 It 's now emerged that one of the women was pregnant … her mother says she had everything to live for .
54 It took some time for all the records to be checked , but it 's now agreed that IBM Corp 's full year net loss for 1992 of $4,965m goes down in history as the largest corporate loss on record , taking the baton from General Motors Corp .
55 But it 's now known that Mrs Law was last seen alive just after lunchtime on Sunday .
56 Meanwhile , it 's now known that two other people from the Central South region were among the one hundred and sixty seven passengers killed .
57 It 's now known that more than 100 people are H I V positive following treatment here .
58 It 's now estimated that five hundred children in Lothian Region alone are affected by HIV and AIDS .
59 It 's now forgotten that when Hugh Dalton began to publish his memoirs with large chunks of his diary in in the late fifties and early sixties , particularly the the high tide volume that came out about the Labour government of forty five to fifty one which was very venomous .
60 It 's scientifically proven that foods can make certain susceptible children very ill , and this can manifest itself in various ways , but one of the most common ways is that children behave badly ; they become aggressive and disturbed .
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