Example sentences of "[pron] be [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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31 We all know that there are crimes for which the penalties go up to life imprisonment , but that does not seem to cover the point raised so eloquently by my hon. Friend the Member for Glasgow , Shettleston ( Mr. Marshall ) .
32 And there are outlets for it in plastics , rubber and man-made fibres .
33 Would there be room for his Roller ?
34 Admittedly , there were times for her when it all became too much , when the intrusion and the invasion were a strain .
35 Proposals were put forward for new houses and development around the barn ; but because the barn itself was ignored , there were fears for its future .
36 First half losses before tax increased from £17.7m to £30.6m at Ratners ; Gerald Ratner received much criticism and there were calls for his resignation at the company 's agm .
37 There were tasks for everyone which took account of intelligence , educational opportunities and personal gifts .
38 There 's money for my burial , ’ her voice was thin and threadlike , ‘ hidden in the bedroom it is , under the mattress .
39 None of those and the chancellor of the exchequer is rubbing his hands and saying Goody goody th there 's money for my coffers cos he is the one who is going to step in and take it all , so the people will argue the obvious ones are , firstly somebody you live with but are not married to .
40 There 's reasons for it , of course … there always are … but she could take the wrong step … out of cussedness . ’
41 Oh well , there 's reasons for it .
42 ( Now there 's honesty for you ! ) .
43 There 's keenness for you ! ’ he concluded admiringly .
44 Well I do n't think there 's provision for him now you see because it 's a
45 There 's gratitude for you , ’ Emily replied , teasing .
46 There 's gratitude for you .
47 There 's bargains for everyone and the prices are absolutely knockout .
48 There 's work for us here . ’
49 There 's hope for them yet .
50 Perhaps there 's hope for me yet , he thought as he unrolled the fillet on the cutting board .
51 There 's equality for you .
52 Well yes there there 's plenty of erm there 's precedents for it .
53 There 's room for him at the forge ! ’ ‘
54 There 's room for them all to do well in this place , that 's the thing .
55 and I do n't believe that is detailed for us , has enabled us sit here and say , yes , A there 's room for them , and B there 's enough parking , and C there 's enough turning .
56 ‘ Because there 's room for me , ’ he said .
57 but I 'm afraid it may be quite a time before there 's room for you , although I 'd love to have you . ’
58 There 's room for you as well , Loretta , if Geoffrey is sensible about this , ’ Bridget insisted .
59 There 's , there 's , there 's , there 's there 's room for it in , in Marxist theory is n't there ?
60 Now there 's confidence for you , assuming that if anybody gets hurt it wo n't be you .
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