Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] [verb] [det] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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31 I only want this farce to be over so I can get on with my life . ’
32 But first , but when we first came here I spent three hours on a Sunday morning , and I only did that area where you play football .
33 erm I only have another month in office .
34 I was questioned about this in recent years when I visited the Camp during one of my lecture rounds to the ATC in the Highlands , but I only add this yarn to illustrate that it takes all kinds to make any air force station , and I am sure our childrens ' children will be told and the tale will no doubt be embroidered to suit the occasion .
35 Four-yearly inspections must be good news ; I warmly welcome that part of the Bill .
36 As a cyclist , and campaigner on behalf of cycling , I warmly welcome this consultation document , which sets out the issues very clearly and comprehensively .
37 Being a mere composite from charnel houses , I fear that I alone undergo this sorrow behind the eyebrows .
38 I much prefer that kind of viewpoint to the egalitarian doctrine which declares that all men are equal but only if they accept my point of view .
39 I much prefer this music , ’ Herman said , doing an awkward shuffle .
40 I much prefer this Bernstein performance to his later one with the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra , which is so self-indulgent and slow that the final Adagio loses both shape and momentum .
41 I utterly repudiate that inference . ’
42 You should have them in your diaries but as we have such a full complement this evening , can I just draw those attention er to your attention .
43 Well I could n't see anything , er because there was a lot of cloud , and then I just heard this sort of bang , and then it was just silent .
44 I just heard some horseshit about a hoax call to a radio show … ’
45 I just felt that way .
46 That 's an interesting actually side chart , I mean this is completely off the agenda and things , but erm , I just had some information up from er , from RADA and er
47 I tell ya , I just , I just had this sort of yearning for chocolate , ooh
48 Simon Simon I just saw that hand .
49 and just fell over and I just saw this thing in the corner of my eye
50 Well this is where Michael is a he would rather , I mean when I say to him can I just do some work on you calc I say , no , cos you are not doing any work , the calculator 's doing the work .
51 His wife added : ‘ I just hope this honeymoon goes better than the last .
52 Erm I , I just get this feeling , you know one would expect that year eleven is a reasonable way of working out what the , the sort of workload is , and you would think that special needs would actually be something that really related quite nicely
53 Er , so I just make that point because of the debate last week .
54 Yes it as I say it 's nothing grand but I just enjoyed this man 's conversation , he was so good .
55 You look at stat which I just ran this morning right ?
56 Can I just mention that time is getting on and the Parish Council still has n't discussed this
57 So I just use this thing you 've got ?
58 Erm can I just clarify this point , the impression I 'm getting from the , from the phraseology in the way you 've chosen your words is that your trustees in your particular pension funds which all er former nationalised industries , er have n't received any training .
59 Well I just got this thing , you know , about
60 So I just got another bucket , threw it over her head , stuck the hose up her jumper , believe , she had to go home .
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