Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] been [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 I 've been enough trouble . ’
32 Looked as it someone had been practising three-point turns on its chest . ’
33 I have been many things in my time .
34 Faldo , interviewed in Golf World magazine , blasted : ‘ I have been 16 years on tour and I can honestly think of only two times I have seen Peter Alliss on a practice ground watching me or anybody hit balls .
35 The hon. Gentleman is clearly under the misapprehension that I have been Prime Minister for 50 years — not yet .
36 Johnson found the whole island harsh and barren ; to Mrs Thrale he wrote , ‘ though I have been twelve days upon it , I have little to say . ’
37 When I get back Lucker wonders where I have been all night .
38 I should mention that Merlyn and I have been parliamentary colleagues and friends for nearly 20 years , since he was elected by the same people of south Leeds who had sent Hugh Gaitskell to the House of Commons .
39 I have been twenty-nine years in camps now . ’
40 When I have been entertaining Shirley and Terry Jones doing an evening meal on a Saturday or a Sunday and sometimes both to help Shirley when she was getting into the run of going back to work I found that one of the cheapest of dinner party deserts was lemon meringue pie .
41 I have been leading scorer at Boro for five out of the last seven seasons — but it has become a way of life to be talked about as the player who is leaving or out of the team .
42 Pat smiled and replied , though she indicated by her manner that there was no reason why she should , " I have been next door twice .
43 I have been 30 hours and more with him this year so far , and I have never seen him take a drink .
44 This unprincipled position was sharply attacked by the Irish News , the nationalist newspaper which has been standard reading for the Catholic community in the North for the best part of a century .
45 As noted , eurobond firms are seeking to reform issuance procedures in a bid to reduce the current pressures on profitability , one underlying cause of which has been excess capacity .
46 The light over No. 6 which has been burning night and day for 2 months , now operates as it should — from dusk to dawn .
47 The move , at the 1,900-pupil Holyrood Roman Catholic Secondary in Glasgow , could pose a major threat to Strathclyde 's schools closure programme and present a tempting plum to the Scottish Office , which has been encouraging schools to leave council control and go for self-governing status .
48 The British public is increasingly distrustful of industry on environmental issues and there is rising support for the idea that " the polluter pays " , according to Bob Worcester , chairman of market research firm MORI , which has been tracking attitudes to the environment since 1969 .
49 , Scientists at the Dutch Central Veterinary Institute claim to have isolated the cause of the Mystery Reproductive Syndrome ( MRS ) disease which has been sweeping pig herds across much of western Europe over the past few months , leading to the loss of up to 10 per cent of offspring in some herds .
50 Since that time there has been an uneasy peace in the world the price of which has been constant vigilance and in keeping that peace our two countries have continued together as the witness of young American Airforce men currently stationed in this country .
51 The pure white drifts of snow against the door of the hut convinced me that nobody had been that way recently .
52 What she did was to go through her cupboards , where she discovered a dress which had once belonged to Clara 's cousin , and which had been enclosed years before in a charitable parcel of hands-on .
53 There was something about old Eddy 's appearance which had been worrying Dyson subconsciously for some minutes , and he suddenly realized what it was .
54 That very morning , it appeared , they had lost a couple of turns — one of which had been two sisters : a singing and dancing act .
55 One afternoon we had been taken for a walk up to the top of the mountain behind the camp , which had been good exercise ; from the top I had been able to see the sea .
56 Learning from their heavy losses , the Soviets abandoned offensives using convoys of tanks , which had been easy targets , and adopted more flexible methods , relying particularly on helicopter raids .
57 Tax and bill collectors faced more practical confusion , not only with a ‘ re-timed ’ calendar but because it had also been decided to start the legal year on January 1 instead of March 25 , which had been New Year 's Day since the twelfth century .
58 Largely because the sport had focused almost entirely on the racing craft used on inland waters , the Firths of Clyde , Forth and Tay , which had been strong centres once , had all but died away : with Royal West boating mainly in Glasgow and the new Dundee University on the Tay near Perth .
59 In June 1990 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ( FDIC ) , a leading government claimant , had established a special task force to investigate whether Drexel had contributed to the failure of any of the savings and loans institutions ( " thrifts " ) which had been big customers of the bank .
60 Even as she said it she recalled the growing doubts and disgust which had been another spur driving her to accept Clive 's invitation .
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