Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] [pron] at [adj] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 I heard nothing at all , it was purely accidental .
32 I believe everybody at some point needs support .
33 I discuss it at some length in Chapter 6 .
34 ‘ I said pregnancies , because I lost one at four months and another at six months .
35 My eye followed the light cloud of her smoke , now here , now there , above the plain , according to the devious curves of the stream , but always fainter and farther away , till I lost it at last behind the mitre-shaped hill of the great pagoda ( 6 ) .
36 Other sentences have a similar type of structure , and tend to end in a similar evocation of vastness and remoteness , as the eye reaches its limit of vision : " under the enormous dome of the sky " ; " the monotonous sweep of the horizon " ; " as if the impassive earth had swallowed her up without an effort , without a tremor " ; " till I lost it at last behind the mitre-shaped hill of the great pagoda " .
37 Apart from a superficial , tactile pleasantness , I felt nothing at all .
38 Well , I meant nothing at all , I assure you .
39 But even then , before I knew her at all , I sensed that normality was not really Karen 's thing .
40 However , because I knew her at close quarters only during her maiden years and have not seen her once since she went to the West Country to become ‘ Mrs Benn ’ , you will perhaps excuse my impropriety in referring to her as I knew her , and in my mind have continued to call her throughout these years .
41 But I knew nothing at all about Tohoku University , or about the city of Sendai .
42 I knew nothing at all about England , apart from what I had gathered from reading a number of the works of P.G .
43 I saw her at six the following evening .
44 I mean I saw her at eleven o'clock at night going jogging with a plastic bag wrapped around her arms .
45 I saw him at eight o'clock .
46 I make my living out of explaining things to a lot of dum-dums , and if I do it at all I expect to get paid . ’
47 If I do it at half the speed , just do it at thirty miles an hour , how long will that take ?
48 If I do it at half the speed .
49 Now if I do it at half that speed , if I do if I drive at thirty miles an hour , how long will it take me to do the sixty miles ?
50 It is an error to assume , as I did myself at one time , that theory necessarily exists in an ancillary and elucidatory relationship to criticism , which is in turn at the service of literature .
51 I liked him at first , but … ’
52 Her face was straight as she looked at him and she spoke the truth when she answered , ‘ I liked it at first ; it was like a holiday after school , but not so of late . ’
53 And all I could think about was George , about how I had nothing at all left for George now .
54 I mean I had nothing at all to do with t' business except I went in partnership with me wife and that .
55 The truth is I had nothing at all in the bottle — it was empty because I 'd forgotten to get new supplies .
56 I 've nothing at all to prove .
57 But I left it at that .
58 Sleeping in the bed at quarter to two , I left you at two .
59 I throw myself at this Azadi and we wrestle like children in the mud .
60 If I snatch your hat from your head with intent to steal it , that is conversion as well as trespass , but if I throw it at another person , that is trespass only , for I am not questioning your title to it .
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