Example sentences of "[art] [noun sg] of [noun] the " in BNC.

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31 About four o'clock on the afternoon of April the eighteenth , 1928 . ’
32 The throne of Ivan the Terrible , the great mechanical clock known as the ‘ Temple of Marvels ’ and Peter the Great 's crown are among the objects loaned for the event .
33 This same period also brought , especially in England , much criticism of traditional Christian creeds and doctrines , notably that of the divinity of Jesus Christ , and the emergence of Unitarianism — a form of Christian belief which rejected Christ 's divinity and the doctrine of the Trinity , holding simply ( as its name indicates ) to the oneness of God the Father as the only God .
34 As noted above a plan is essential to the proper description of a property , and this is especially so in the case of leases the title to which is to be registered ( Chapter 12 ) , and indeed of leases of flats in general .
35 In the case of lawyers the standard radical approach has been to assume the theoretical need for a concept ‘ profession ’ , and then to redefine the content of this concept .
36 They differ in that in the case of prepayments the exact amount is known and has been paid although the services have yet to be received whereas in the case of an accrual the service has been received but has not been paid for and we have to estimate the amount due .
37 This is a typical example of Coleridge 's influence , which extended to many other writers of the age ; but in the case of Wordsworth the period of any real exchange of ideas was rapidly coming to an end .
38 Only rarely , as in the case of Ethna the Bride , did these women ever wish to return home to their mere mortal husbands after a night with the Fairy King .
39 In the case of Aplysia the former possibility is the real one .
40 However , in the case of mergers the proposed changes are largely procedural , and no significant reorientation of present policy is envisaged .
41 In the case of selection the given point is the job and the population is searched to find the most appropriate worker , in the case of guidance one worker is the starting point and the range of jobs is searched to identify the best one .
42 Yet , in the case of Benny the whole thing had an unreal quality .
43 Choosing the most appropriate things to eat and in the case of man the most effective materials for tools and weapons is adaptive in the sense that it makes for biological survival : organisms which practise the keenest discrimination flourish at the expense of those less discriminating in their choices .
44 held that in the case of forfeiture the individual was entitled to an unbiased tribunal , notice and a hearing , whereas in the case of an application less was required .
45 ( In the case of sentience the illusory difficulties rapidly multiply .
46 In the case of Kahlo the popular image is of the artist herself , the characteristic brows , the elaborate hair , the Mexican costume ( Fig. 3 ) .
47 This is not accidental , since in the case of Britain the official doctrine is that sovereignty resides in Parliament , not with the people .
48 he says , in the case of Ian the number of occasions where Ian has worked two hours on a Friday morning and then he 's worked Friday Saturday as overtime .
49 For example , in the case of housework the omission of this topic from both family sociology and the sociology of work clearly conveys a distorted impression of women 's situation .
50 As with the case of voids the terms of any deemed subletting should be carefully considered by the tenant 's advisers .
51 In the case of owner-occupiers the commission had the right of pre-emption on terms which ensured that the amount of the concession ( and future increases in development value ) accrued to it .
52 In the case of Mars the atmospheric quantity for N has been multiplied by 10 to allow for the escape of N to space .
53 In the case of fire the usual careful consideration should be given to the cause of the fire to ensure that arson by the policyholder is not suspected .
54 The reason a black hole ‘ remembers ’ the electric charge , angular momentum , and mass of the matter that collapsed and forgets everything else is that these three quantities are coupled to long-range fields : in the case of charge the electromagnetic field , and in the case of angular momentum and mass the gravitational field .
55 ( Bell 1984 : 168 ) In the case of Sue the travel agent , her convergence was " successful " ( Thakerar et al.
56 In the case of plants the organic energy is derived from a primary source , and in the case of animals and carnivores , consuming both plants and meat , it is secondary .
57 In the case of characters the models must actually carry the weapons ascribed to them .
58 In the case of Jupiter the temperatures are about 300 to 400 million K , though the number density is so low that no glow is visible .
59 In the case of Jupiter the downward separation of helium has to be considered .
60 Consider the case of gnash the teeth and purse the lips .
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