Example sentences of "be for " in BNC.

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91 ‘ Our witness ’ he said , ‘ is to be for goodness ’ , which he defined not only as being ‘ honest , temperate , chaste ’ and leading an ‘ upright , decent , useful life ’ , but as the spirit or motivation behind all this .
92 I suspect that for many young Germans it might be pretty meaningless , as it would be for their British or French contemporaries , who simply want to get on with their lives without having to attend to the doings of another generation .
93 The appointment was to be for the life of his father , Richard Earl of Cornwall , the king 's brother , with reversion to the Crown .
94 ‘ But it would n't be for ever : just for a while , perhaps , and morgen wird die Sonne wieder scheinen . ’
95 Anyone worrying — as dealers and Christie 's once did — that these thousands of 300-year-old pots will flood the market need only look at Harrods , where Nanking Cargo plates have been selling regularly and at increasing prices since the auction ( £195 for a good teabowl , £7,000 for an ‘ encrusted ’ tureen ) and where , after the Vung Tau auction , the new pieces will also be for sale from , they expect , £50 to £10,000 .
96 But it should be for work done each day or week — not a promise that hangs on results .
97 ‘ It will be for a month this summer .
98 The most valuable form of subsidy , he says , would be for the Government to take a real and permanent interest in the British film industry , to foster — simply with time and energy — a nurturing climate .
99 A decision to cut or pass the dividend will be especially painful for Costain because of the blow it will be for the 91 per cent of shareholders who took up last year 's rights issue and because Costain will be only the second major contractor , after John Laing , to cut the pay-out .
100 So , gratitude it has to be for the glimpse of a hornbeam 's golden rain of catkin pollen in a sheltered copse where , among primroses and the first bluebells , sorrel shows its delicate pink flowers and ( useful in salads ) triple leaflets , which Saint Patrick used to demonstrate the nature of the Trinity .
101 One will be for a fast and reliable commuter line across Kent , which could incidentally carry cross-Channel traffic .
102 Another will be for the by-pass-a toll-road , of course .
103 The best thing would be for M Mitterrand to introduce constitutional reform reducing the presidential term from seven to five years and step down in 1993 .
104 But it was also another uncomfortable reminder of how difficult it will be for Tottenham to replace him .
105 But it should only be for a matter of months . ’
106 For example , the Football ( Offences ) Act 1991 says : ‘ It is an offence for a person … to go onto the playing area … without lawful authority or lawful excuse , which shall be for him to prove . ’
107 SHOULD the personable Steve Norris fail to impress as an under-secretary at the Transport Department , it should not be for want of preparation .
108 SHOULD the personable Steve Norris fail to impress as an under-secretary at the Transport Department , it should not be for want of preparation .
109 ‘ I do set my bow in the cloud , and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth .
110 As York finds , workers prefer not to involve their clients in short-term task processes , but this may be for a multitude of reasons other than that of effectiveness : lack of time ( client participation is generally time consuming ) , agency policy and pressure ( paternalism ) , professional socialization and norms , and so on .
111 The mode of action of the toxin appears to be for the non-conserved sequences in Domain II to bind specifically to a glycoprotein on the target insect 's gut membrane .
112 As the first chapter states , ‘ the true challenge is for the chemist ’ , and it will be for the analytical chemist to develop reliable methods .
113 That incident illustrated how easy it would be for an atomic war to develop , so a hot-line was set up by means of a permanent telephone link between Washington in the U.S.A. and Moscow in the U.S.S.R.
114 In many of the large catchments to which the DoE refers , impact of nitrate may now be over the limit for only a week each year , but in future it may be for two weeks , then three , then a month or more : when does the UK propose to take action ?
115 But these would be for the general benefit , not for the worse .
116 A good theorist should be aware of the weaknesses in his theory , and his prime advocacy will be for more imagination in examining the issues involved and better experimentation wherever possible .
117 What redress is there to be for independent bankers who are to be immune from dismissal and are to have , as Pöhl so quaintly put it , ‘ adequate financial arrangements during and after their term in office ’ ?
118 Nor is it the knowledge that Foxton , a haunt of foxes even in Saxon times , is a meeting place among others of one of the great Leicestershire Hunts , the Fernie , however important a cause that may be for assemblies of motorists in the county .
119 Just what does something have to be for it to be called a god ?
120 ‘ How sad it would be for us to lose you to the sea , Señor Capitano . ’
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