Example sentences of "be for " in BNC.

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61 But Hull also say that if the pair decide to change codes it will be for realistic sums of money .
62 Because Labour was once against Europe , it can not now be for Europe .
63 ‘ The worst possible scenario would be for the civilian government to remain in a weak and powerless state , forcing us to maintain a military occupation in the city , ’ said Mr Roberts , who is dean of the law school at DePaul University in Chicago .
64 The alternative , if three of the commoners continued to hold out , would be for them all to claim compensation for lost rights from the Lands Tribunal .
65 The common response to predator attack appears to be for the cetaceans to flee , often silently , having first formed a tight group if they can .
66 One answer would be for the judges ruling on applications for chapter 11 to get tough in backing creditors ' claims against the firm .
67 Neither father nor mother can deprive themselves of their rights , except in the case of a separation agreement between husband and wife ; and even such an agreement will not be enforced by the court if the court considers it not to be for the child 's benefit .
68 The only way to avoid that would be for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to give the health service an open-ended budget .
69 One is said to be for the Lord and the other for Azazel .
70 He despised her looks now , so he scoffed at the idea that it could be for sex .
71 A writer should suffer and all that — it would be for her own good in the long run .
72 This gentle admonition did little to still the clamour of unilateralists in the churches ; yet there must surely be many Christians who have retained enough faith in divine Providence to believe that the world will not end unless God wills it and that , if He does , it will be for the best .
73 I 'm going to take no action this time , but you keep awake in future , Harris , because next time … you 'll be for a Court-Martial .
74 In that event , the conviction will be for the offence of causing grievous bodily harm , but both offences carry the same maximum punishment — life imprisonment .
75 If D set out to trick V into having sex , realising that she probably would not consent otherwise , are not his intention and his method sufficient to condemn him for rape , as they would be for obtaining property by deception ?
76 Later it was even specified that should there be for any reason no foreskin to sever , blood must still be made to flow for a rite to be effected and for the individual to enter the covenant .
77 The mistake would be for the one to cancel out the other .
78 While I am the last to recommend such surgery unnecessarily , there 's no doubt that in Sombro 's case it would be for his own good .
79 But what other motive could there be for silence ?
80 These goals will be for weight and also possibly for size , i.e. your ‘ vital statistics ’ .
81 How good Florence Ames will be for me , she thought .
82 ‘ The letters will be for me , they are always for me .
83 For the DUP to embrace this accord and attempt to make it work would be for it to abandon its opposition to anything which presages a united Ireland .
84 If by working with Roirbak it meant she had to leave Star Eye , it might be for the best .
85 The pleasures can be for yourself : experimenting with make-up and clothes , looking different from one day to the next , expressing different sides to yourself .
86 Oreste had been spared and it could only be for a purpose .
87 Going about her daily routine , Wilson was dry-eyed , as she knew Mrs Browning would be for a while yet .
88 And so it can be for a building or a workbench .
89 He returned shortly telling me to hang on , it would n't be for long ; and the shock had made him breathless too , I noticed .
90 What possible justification could there be for such coldness ?
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