Example sentences of "be for " in BNC.

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1 The best preliminary plan may be for the reader to open the book upright at ( the illustration ) and then go to the other side of the room , to be imposed on from a distance : it is the nearest the book can offer to the proper first encounter with the figure .
2 An undeniable attraction of an auction is the possibility that some undervalued item may be for sale .
3 In the days before glasnost — which his fictions may be thought to have rehearsed and predicted , but which could well mean that his fictions will no longer be for the West what they have been so far , when the thing that they deplore was still there in its entirety to be deplored — Kundera was forced into exile in the ‘ free world ’ of the time .
4 I had a feeling it would be for the best , I said , when I stopped on the hard shoulder that day .
5 I thought long and hard about it but in the end I decided it would be for the best .
6 He confirmed that he did think it would be for the best if I dropped out of family life , and in my heart , I knew he was right .
7 And it would only be for one night .
8 Always the call will be for more power to the organization , so that the 1989 cry of alarm from the Police Federation conference about private security firms is based more on a fear that areas of influence are being taken from the institution than on beliefs that such groups are incompetent .
9 They might have been like this for three centuries , and could be for three centuries more .
10 And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thy hand , and shalt be for frontlets between thine eyes .
11 War had been declared , and the fate of Czechoslovakia , Austria and Poland was sealed , as it would be for several other countries .
12 It could be for a night , or a day , or longer — for example , a week or two weeks .
13 Under the community charge rules , the normal payment plan will be for the charge to be paid in 10 monthly instalments .
14 What protection will there be for potentially unprofitable , yet necessary services to continue to be available under the NHS ?
15 Sonya asks him , ‘ I do n't understand : how will things be for you , how will you marry and have children ? ’ — of course thinking about his estrangement from human kind ; and he replies ( Dostoevsky 's italics ) : ‘ I 'll get used to it . ’
16 How each generation of parliamentarians in member states will try to guide the community 's political institutions will be for them to determine .
17 We will also be showing why continued research should be permitted , and how disastrous it would be for all women if the policy advocated by the Pro-Life lobby were to be adopted .
18 Although some lectures appear to be for the committed DIY enthusiast such as ‘ Mortar mixing and brick laying ’ , the organiser Steven Parissien , insists that the course is more about ‘ making people aware of which things are structurally disastrous and visually awful . ’
19 However , a shocked Danish bureaucrat blew the whistle on Mr Hocke as that ‘ refugee education fund ’ was only supposed to be for Mr Hartling and not any old non-Danish High Commissioner .
20 The quicker a site is provided the better it will be for everyone …
21 One option for GM would be for the American company to convert its cash investment into equity through an issue of new shares after the Government 's veto on takeover expires .
22 From personal experience , the greater hazard may be for the bride .
23 The truth is that a whiff of counter-revolution is hard to find — dismaying though that may be for party propagandists .
24 Margot is always splendid on these occasions ; she took me back to the house and covered me with ice and raw beef : but in spite of all I am a most revolting sight today and shall be for a week or more — lame in one leg , blind in one eye , and with a nose like Cyrano …
25 How much better it would be for ministers to be seen in the constituencies giving us the ammunition we need to fight on the doorsteps . ’
26 Cardiff 's concern , as it will be for everyone else the All Blacks play in their seven matches in Wales , five in Ireland and one in England , is that the tourists match the mood of their public back home .
27 The tickets must be for travel between 30 October and 14 December and between 2 January and 8 February .
28 Relative advantage over other existing products — the importance here is whether the potential consumers perceive advantage in the product , which can be for many reasons
29 The prediction would be for the ownership of cars to rise by 52,000 in 2 years , and so total market demand for cars in Panaragua in this period would be about 52,000 ( or slightly more , allowing for old cars being scrapped ) .
30 the natural deduction from what I have said so far would be for Governments to end the necessity of monetising debt and make sure that they do n't put themselves in the position of monetising debt — at any rate in circumstances where there is not a substantial deficiency of demand for labour and where therefore the monetisation of debt would not be counterbalanced by an increase in real production .
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