Example sentences of "i give " in BNC.

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31 I certainly feel I give women strength and hope , particularly young women , so in that respect , I think it 's feminist . ’
32 Lady Ursula , may I give you some advice ?
33 What medicine can I give her ?
34 How do I give her that sense ?
35 Can I give them a more entertaining life indoors to stop them from going out so much ?
36 What would n't I give to be in your shoes now !
37 I 've got a bright young thing working for me does all the bookings and the publicity , can I give you a brochure ? ’
38 So what guidance can I give for the actual writing of the crime short story ?
39 Right , can I give
40 ‘ Can I give you a lift anywhere ? ’
41 ‘ Shall I give you a lift home on my motorbike ? ’
42 They ask : Why should I give credence to a life that has imposed barriers on me ?
43 Now if anyone is tempted to join our happy band may I give you some advice which will ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your hobby — specialise .
44 Why should I give anything to Perks ?
45 ‘ Why do n't I give the Russian collection to the Munich Museum of Fine Arts in Adolph 's memory ?
46 Can I can I give you a scenario ?
47 Shall I give you a clue ?
48 ‘ Can I give her a message ? ’ the woman asked .
49 In response to my smile , Ma asks would I give –p the spoon , to humour the baby .
50 Somebody said , ‘ Can I give you more wine ? ’
51 ‘ What would I give now to have a joint of beef like I had in those days ! ’
52 Can I give her a message ?
53 ‘ Do I give that impression ? ’ she asked , switching off the ignition and wondering at the stupidity of people .
54 ‘ But what else can I give him to do ? ’ wailed Dyson .
55 A new heart will I give you , and a new Spirit will I put within you ; and I will take out of your flesh the heart of stone , and give you a heart of flesh .
56 Shall I give her a ring and ask her to fax it ?
57 ‘ What can I give you to drink ? ’ he said , leading the way into a sitting room which was the twin of hers .
58 Shall I give you coins as well ?
59 Shall I give you a sticker ?
60 Well okay , you gave me two , now what did I give you .
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