Example sentences of "i [adv] " in BNC.

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31 I little thought that fresh intrusions would interrupt and spoil my solitudes .
32 I admired Venables , his flamboyant style and attitude , but I could see the dangers in the temptations of life in London and I regretfully turned down the move .
33 I loosely tossed a swirl of Moroccan curtain over the sofa , slid Act 3 of Orfeo onto the revolving mat , lit an Al Akhbar joss-stick , and left it at that .
34 I began Chapter 4 by contrasting two views of physics , which I loosely characterized as the instrumental and expressive view .
35 I rarely went out .
36 I do not feel that I myself am at all psychic and I rarely dream — at least to know clearly on awakening what I have dreamed ; yet I have had in my life two dreams of foreboding .
37 I rarely find much satisfaction in debating harder abstractions or metaphysical teasers with him .
38 I rarely made a comment on what someone was wearing ; we would sit in a park or café or at home discussing image , beauty , fashion and advertising , and skirt around the more obvious , immediate issues of how we both looked , how we were dressed .
39 I rarely take equipment from one country to another , and never if there is a voltage difference as with the United States ( 110 volts ) and Europe ( 240 volts ) .
40 The result is that I rarely hear students chatting about science — it would simply take too long to formulate a question and answer .
41 I rarely leave the jungle now ; certainly not with pleasure .
42 Wading dangerously mid-stream to release flies caught on underwater obstructions , I rarely caught anything else .
43 I rarely lined up anything with him .
44 I rarely think now about the strangeness of the job , I simply enjoy the wonderful views and the job satisfaction I achieve .
45 I 'm not what you 'd call the retiring type , and I rarely flinch from a fight when I 'm sure of my own righteousness ; but there is one thing I can not cope with , and that is unprovoked aggression .
46 I rarely talk to my parents these days , or visit the family home .
47 Looking at the water sadly , Martha answered quietly , ‘ I rarely cross it .
48 The basic British diet is a killer — I never touch white bread , salt or sugar and I rarely eat dairy products . ’
49 Though raised Church of England , I rarely join the congregation since learning at the age of five that , according to the Church of England bible , God punished the naughty .
50 No , I rarely see her after the show .
51 And I rarely consider the fact that Scottish MPs form the bulk of the Party 's support in the House of Commons .
52 I rarely drink in the week , and I 've never acquired a taste for wine .
53 Do n't you … no , I rarely go down into the town at the weekends .
54 Having said that , I rarely , if ever , follow a written pattern line by line .
55 I rarely see any of them coming back for more . ’
56 I rarely shake hands with Bacchus , Joe , until the sun goes down , ’ said George .
57 I rarely spoke , and when I did ask questions I did not question the answers .
58 I never paint landscapes and I rarely travel abroad .
59 I rarely used to Hasselblad .
60 I rarely go to her house and I do n't think she 's ever been to my flat , but our friendship is very much part of our working lives .
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