Example sentences of "it [pron] " in BNC.

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31 Well , is it me ?
32 Both sopranos include the ravishing song ‘ Is it him , or is it me ? ’ from Love Life .
33 So , he got me handbag and took off with me bottle of DFs and me book from the social and said he 'd give it me back once he 'd cashed enough to pay the bread off .
34 " She gave it me before she died . "
35 Put it round your neck and wear it always , and when you come home , you can give it me back on our wedding day . "
36 Is it me here that 's stopped you ?
37 ‘ They gave it me St Patrick 's night , ’ he said .
38 And if I had anything left at Monday , she used to borrow it , forget to give it me back and .
39 ‘ Give it me , ’ he said , nodding towards the list .
40 ‘ Tell it me .
41 ‘ Is that girl half-witted , or is it me ? ’ she enquired .
42 ‘ If after the manner of men I have fought with beasts at Ephesus , what advantageth it me , if the dead rise not ? ’
43 Erm , I , I 'd like to thank you all for your participation this morning by the way , and I will give you out erm these reply if you 'd like re erm a , an information pack from us , or if you wish to have a chat with me , then you can send in this , you can give it me back at lunchtime , and I can send it into the office , and they 'll send you a retirement pack with an income planner and what have you .
44 But this premise was there at that time and by oh I had to go to a great extent on a number of visits and they er granted it me on compassionate grounds and there 's er I was only looking in the back of there the other day and there 's one there now .
45 Some foreign name , Baptiste said : Maman told it me but I ca n't remember .
46 Is it very smelly in here or is it me ?
47 He gave it me to spend , presumably so he could spend time making love to you , sister , dear , ’ Dana said when Claudia asked her that question after Roman had gone to his room .
48 My mother forwarded it me the day she received it .
49 When Eliot had spoken well of me in the reply to John Garrett , to which I have referred , the latter was slightly miffed , I could tell ; for although he showed it me with some pride as being a favourable reply to his request , he countered the praise it contained by saying that Eliot was being far too kind to an absolute novice .
50 Is it me or does the school letter come crawling round once a fortnight at your place ?
51 Or is it me ?
52 So he wanted it me to make this man hold this cow .
53 ‘ If you are staying some while , sir , you must tell it me privately , ’ Mary said , ‘ since I am setting up shop as a connoisseur of grave stories . ’
54 You lent it me . ’
55 ‘ Nor is it me . ’
56 Was it me or did it look like the game was in slow motion then ?
57 Is it me or are there some totally bizarre comments going around that are wrong ?
58 ‘ Is it me ?
59 I hooked him , made him stumble , and he was only too glad to give it me back .
60 See Is it me ?
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