Example sentences of "does [not/n't] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
61 Is it because one does not turn to art for comfort ?
62 Yet at the same time there is work done upon it , he wrote , and which remains , as it does not in the mind .
63 And the reverse of that , wrote Harsnet , the feeling that all we have already felt and seen and heard has yet to happen , is so far only a dream , a fantasy , and the sense , he wrote , that this may be a feeling we experience again and again throughout our lives , that the elements of experience have failed to catch on to the glass of our lives , or that the glass is there and waiting for the experience to be registered , that it can wait for ever , for it does not know the meaning of time .
64 Genius is precisely the word one does not feel tempted to use .
65 The beauty of glass , he wrote , is this , that the surface does not have to be covered .
66 Time does not exist in the big glass , he wrote .
67 No , he wrote , because Diana herself does not acknowledge either that she has been waiting all her life for him to appear .
68 They try to ram down the throat of the public what the public quite rightly does not want .
69 Even if the Gallery does not buy it I do not wish to have anything more to do with it .
70 CAMRA does not recognise such pressure systems .
71 Thirty minutes in the fridge will ensure a pleasant cool temperature and encourage the yeast to form a hard ring at the bottom of the bottle that does not rise to the surface when pouring .
72 A traditional interior does not have to be incompatible with accommodating whole families , nor with providing meals ; yet an increasing number of old pub interiors are being sacrificed on the altar of the identikit eating house — whether the brewer 's concept be a downmarket steakhouse or part of a family restaurant chain masquerading as an independent local concern .
73 But Sauvignon does not come better than this and to my mind the del Cero Sauvignon has more grace , character and length than the much-vaunted Cloudy Bay Sauvignon from New Zealand , which is comparably priced .
74 He also says that the nickel content does not , for all practical purposes , make any difference to the hardness , but that it does make it more stain resistant .
75 The traditional Emilian recipe does not add water .
76 The menus change daily in the directors ' dining rooms , delibars and staff canteens that he operates because the clientele does not .
77 High Tables does not make a profit on his management of the ingredients budget — it simply charges a management fee for the entire contract .
78 But Roderick Henderson , who runs the chef division of recruitment consultant Berkeley Scott , does not believe that contract catering is always a financially rewarding sector in which to work .
79 The fact that it is over a hundred years old does not detract from its impact .
80 Lobster thermidor does not take its name from the hotness of the sauce , but from a month of the French revolutionary calendar .
81 It does not have to be that he has conceived what the French are calling the coup de force for Miss Jonathan . ’
82 ‘ Our friend here does not seem to appreciate that the world 's greatest detective is conducting a criminal investigation and that he is not to be thwarted .
83 That moustache is not an English moustache , the flower in the button-hole is from some foreign field and I fancy he does not care for his pickled egg .
84 Though falsely led , his true mind does not stray ,
85 Eat self-blanching celery as soon as possible as it does not keep well for long periods .
86 Put the bowls in a dark place where the temperature does not exceed 45°F ( °C ) .
87 It does not demand such a situation in cultivation but there is no doubt that it thrives best in deep soils that do not dry out in summer .
88 This is an easy way to have a number of gliders wrecked by the wind , but luckily it does not occur very often .
89 Slowing down does not help , and generally the driver is not brave enough or quick enough to try accelerating .
90 In both cases this is a real emergency , because in the event of a cable break the pilot does not have time to realise what is wrong , and he may well stall and spin if he flies by attitude and tries to turn without checking the actual speed .
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