Example sentences of "does [not/n't] " in BNC.

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1 It does not need a lawyer either to draw up any document or to advise you although you may wish to consult a professional adviser if a particularly large sum is involved or if there are complicated conditions surrounding the gift .
2 Although ACET , like any charity , does not have the power to release you from the agreement it is likely to be sympathetic .
3 Amnesty International does not want to hear any more excuses , from governments or from anybody else .
4 According to King Hassan II and his government , the prison does not exist — or , even if it does , the people all love the King so much it would be unsafe to release the prisoners — they might be killed by the populace .
5 Art criticism at its most helpful does not stint the reader of any one of these elements .
6 Rather , ‘ the Museum does not intend to sponsor a particular aspect of modern art , but rather to make a report to the public by offering material for study and comparison ’ .
7 Of course , surveys will continue to be written about American painting or German art , British sculpture or Australian print-making ; this fact of publication does not mean that these activities have an inner coherence .
8 Later writers , even those sympathetic to Antal 's thesis , have admitted that the argument about class conflict in the period was exaggerated , but this does not exclude the possibility that an equally unexpected approach may not throw light on some apparently exhausted topic .
9 A difference between Morelli and Friedlander is that the former explains his method , while the latter does not .
10 This bearish tactic does not work as well as in a stock market , for art works are widely dispersed , and decisions to buy or sell may be thoroughly unpredictable .
11 The article , called ‘ Giacometti 's moral heroism ’ , is about a retrospective show of the sculptor 's work ten years after his death ; it does not include the name of any single work .
12 In this case selection is all , or almost all , as space does not allow for extensive description or interpretation .
13 Well , it can be said that he does not allow his mercilessness to go undetected on this occasion .
14 It does not take long , however , for Jane to become disillusioned .
15 Ahmed does not lead this revolution .
16 It is not Naipaul 's ; it does not constitute the author 's testament or confession on the subject of race relations and the rest of it .
17 An early passage separates this man , who does not want to be nothing , from the trading elders of his family — pessimists who could take risks , and were consoled by their religion .
18 Metty betrays his master and is then left in the lurch , predicting a future whose likelihood the novel does not lead us to discount : ‘ They 're going to kill and kill . ’
19 The plot states that an attachment to a strange woman , a woman who does not belong to this community of strangers , is succeeded by a return to the community , and by the dispersal , and survival , of the community .
20 Salim states that he was having a rough time , and was tired and suspicious of Yvette : he does not say that a tribal god commanded him to leave her .
21 But it does not take long to decide that the experiment is being conducted with skill , and that the pursuits have at least a little in common .
22 Despite its title , and for all Fraser 's grave and civil investigative demeanour , the book does not exhibit this past as something to be searched for , uncovered , so much as something which is unfindable , interminable .
23 But this does not diminish the importance of the provisional discoveries which it contains , which the writer has moved to incorporate .
24 This is a split that can rarely have been witnessed in Glasgow — which does not indicate that he was at fault in consulting his analyst , but does indicate that these autobiographies are sited in very different places .
25 He could well have been called a victim , and his book consigns itself , as Fraser 's does , to that large literature in which the sufferings of victims are recounted : but he does not see himself as a romantic orphan .
26 Reality does not discuss , it simply is .
27 What is required is a poetry which does not analyse or criticise , and is suitable for throngs and parades : we are in a situation where the self-portraits of the lyric author can be displayed like placards .
28 There is no biographical key with which it can be unlocked — and I have not been trying to turn one in this essay of mine , which does not believe it , for that matter , to be locked .
29 And I am also thinking of the identification of Rahila Khan — a novelist supposedly Asian and female — as an Anglican vicar ; and of the attempt to thwart a biography by the Englishman Ian Hamilton of the American J. D. Salinger , whose novels tell the story of his life , but who does not want anyone else to do so , preferring to keep his facts to himself .
30 Roth would appear to believe both the claim and the counter-claim as to the value of the text , and to believe , too , both that the Roth part of the book does not represent an exercise of the imagination and that it does .
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