Example sentences of "just [conj] " in BNC.

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31 One harbours superior thoughts as to just where and in what circumstances her hosts can have possibly imagined her wearing such things , until one recalls that only seconds before one was counting the endless number of stoats ' tails that have gone into the making of the coronation robe .
32 Lara had played just where he left off in the World Cup , where he was comfortably the leading West Indian run-scorer with 333 at 47 .
33 No one can really say just where Palma Nova stops and Magalluf begins , they just sort of merge into one another and the sandy beach runs the length of both resorts .
34 Which leaves us just where we started , he thought drearily as he turned and went .
35 What is more , the old iron trucks with their armour plating are still lying rusting beside the old Kubri road just where they came to a halt in 1948 , the wheels stripped of their tyres but their iron bullet shields still intact .
36 In 1982 , I would stand just where that cameraman stood in 1958 and watch an Israeli jet on the same bombing run , attacking the same block of buildings in west Beirut .
37 But when we walked inside the church , we found five small Palestinian boys standing in a line just where the altar would have been .
38 Everything had an improvised , random air about it , as if people had erected new machines just where they happened to be standing at the time , next to the debris of the old .
39 And squatting in what little shelter there was beside the door , just where she 'd expected him , Farquhar Neas .
40 This coordination of two developmental events , crucial to the formation of the eye , is achieved in some animals by the approaching eyecup inducing the lens to develop just where it touches the surface , and so the lens develops at the right place .
41 Using sensitive earthquake-detecting instruments ( seismographs or seismometers ) , it is possible to pin down quite precisely the sites where the shock waves originate in this region , and it can easily be shown that these sites are confined to a narrow belt which dips steeply down under the continental margin at about 60 degrees , and which hits the surface just where the ocean is deepest , in the Chile-Peru Trench .
42 First , all the activity may be confined to the summit crater at the top of the volcano , just where one might expect it to be .
43 ‘ If I fly up high I may be able to see just where they are .
44 You should check the rushes , bushes and tree branches , if any , behind you and establish just where you have to stand to cast without snagging when you lay the rod back .
45 ‘ Impossible — Wings Balsdon 's got the goons just where he wants them ’
46 just where I have fallen ,
47 There was so much of loveliness in every scene , my mind was surfeited with joys : how the far-spreading bay , with its expanse of white shell-sand , was girded by a sea which placidly reflected the blue of heaven ; and how the seaweeds left their markings in curious lines just where the last outgoing wavelet left them ; the grassy knolls girding the hollow of the bay , and the rock promontories , whose darker tones gave force to the silver lining of the breaking wavelet .
48 It is , in fact , an approach to managing health services and the range of views is largely reflecting just where individuals are within an organisation , the key tasks that concern them and their own approach to implementation .
49 During the past week I have been watching the Germanic guru , Ralf Dahrendorf , on the box , telling us Britishers just where we are going wrong .
50 Just where the cash will be spent is not yet clear , though presumably much will finance R&D , and development of new products and sales strategies .
51 Disappointingly though , in her efforts to be balanced Valentine rarely lets us see just where she stands ; though she does make a strong plea for psychologists not to ape either physics or sociology .
52 His bow was lying just where he had laid it ; Marian 's was broken at the foot of the tree , someone had trodden on it .
53 And I knew just where you 'd be and how you 'd be lying . ’
54 You can place him just where you want him . ’
55 William Connors had briefed him many times in the past , yet Delaney even now , was unsure of just where Connors fitted into the scheme of things .
56 as if to replenish it , just where the old fellow
57 But we are talking the world 's favourite guitar tones , and they are present on this guitar just where you expect to find them .
58 A ‘ volute ’ in guitar terms is a carved hump or peak of wood at the back of the neck , just where it joins the headstock .
59 Without taking your eyes off the road , ‘ see ’ a parking space just where you want it , and expect it to be there .
60 U2 , LIKE many others , are uncertain just where and how their transcendentally eclectic , refreshingly realistic , naively passionate and elusive pop music is going to hit .
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