Example sentences of "just [that] " in BNC.

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31 It 's just that he makes it so damn difficult .
32 It is just that they show a very late timing of their sleep/wake rhythm with respect to normal time-cues .
33 Erika was still not completely sure what the text meant but one thing about it was clear , people had better things to do than to dwell on the past and surely — it came upon Erika in a flash of intuition — surely the State was doing just that : not , of course , leaving the dead unmourned , and certainly not forgetting the evils of Fascism , but moving forward — preaching a socialist gospel — and not merely preaching it , doing it : making a fairer , better , juster Germany .
34 ‘ Oh , just that you can never tell .
35 ‘ It 's just that we are having a party — after the competition , ’ she added hastily .
36 ‘ It 's just that I might as well have stayed in the sitting-room , that 's all . ’
37 It 's just that he wants to let off steam , and you 're the only person he can lose his temper with .
38 It 's just that they were not inclined to help him out .
39 It is just that they have both been at it too often recently .
40 It was n't just that copies of knitting patterns in a popular British magazine were regarded as subersive , or even that the border guards had strict rules about the permitted length of visitors ' hair .
41 And often it 's not that they never had anywhere to live , it 's just that they could n't cope with the responsibilities and the isolation of living on their own .
42 It 's just that there are some things the mind-set is not adjusted to and I was tuned in for bracing winds , long place names and snatches of Tom Jones .
43 It is described as a comic love story for clumsy people , and it is just that : endearing , touching , and very , very funny .
44 On the subject of using the past , making references , it 's just that it 's impossible to evade the past , it 's here , it 's being thrown at you , and you have to deal with it .
45 It was just that their minds went — ‘ Space Oddity ’ — guys are going into space — sounds like a commercial idea — go for it .
46 Indeed McLeish reflected , that encapsulated the trouble with Tristram — everything that he could do , Perry , two years his senior , could apparently do just that bit better .
47 ‘ It 's just that the only person who saw her on Saturday was the Minister — Mr Hawick . ’
48 It is not just that many of the old structures of central planning have been demolished , or that much of the government is now in the hands of people who still refer to themselves quite unselfconsciously as ‘ the opposition ’ .
49 A government promise to liberalise prices next year is so far just that : a promise .
50 But it is not political any longer ; it 's just that more people seem to be doing damage to more people , especially old people , single people , those who live alone .
51 ‘ It 's just that there really is trouble at t'mill , ’ she said quietly .
52 it was just that her imagination , so strong and enticing , was apt to sweep away the barrier between itself and reality .
53 So far , Marie had lasted longer than either of them : it was n't that she was better at her job than they were , it was just that she did n't expect so much of people .
54 Just that she 's not as daft as she looks . ’
55 It 's just that you wrote one to another girl .
56 It is not just that he persists in the language of ‘ lord ’ and ‘ servant , when Esau has called him ‘ brother ’ , though that is significant enough .
57 It is not just that things could be other than they are — it is that they must be .
58 ‘ No , it 's just that the pressure is off him now , ’ says Frank Whaley , the standout in Stone 's last box-office hit , Born On The Fourth Of July , and the actor who plays The Doors ' mild-mannered guitarist Robbie Krieger .
59 It 's just that he went one way and I went another .
60 It was just that the problems were far bigger than people realized .
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