Example sentences of "time this " in BNC.

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31 That let off seemed to breathe relief back into the home side , and not for the first time this season the imposing physical presence of youngster Ferguson proved crucial with a deft header which set up Cleland for a fine angled finish from 15 yards for the leveller .
32 For the first time this season , manager Billy Bonds locked the dressing room door after the game and gave the players a piece of his mind .
33 For the third time this season Cheadle were put on the rack but they mustered their strength in the final quarter to open up a 14–10 lead .
34 Archie 's Nephew , a stable-companion of Rushing Wild , was scoring for the first time this season , having acted as a schoolmaster for novice riders in several earlier runs .
35 LONDON TOWERS caught Carlsberg League champions Roland Kingston with their guard down for the second time this season by defeating them 103-97 at the Michael Sobell Centre , Islington , on Sunday night .
36 For the second time this week , Smith covered remorselessly , forcing Charles to lose up to 10 places on the final beat .
37 ‘ I fought here 22 years ago , about the time this kid was about to get potty-trained , ’ he said .
38 It was the second time this season that the two Gwent sides had finished all-square , and that was the only sign of any lingering bitterness from the earlier match .
39 But the National Communications Union believes BT will be forced to introduce compulsory redundancies for the first time this year because it will be unable to find enough volunteers .
40 It may mark time this year , not least because of the drop in production of the British Aerospace Jetstream 31 aircraft for which Hunting makes the interior .
41 At the same time this has been accompanied by a determined push by the German authorities through the EC institutions to impose a Community-wide statutory minimum wage to counter the high wage costs of West Germany .
42 Those for levels 1 to 3 are the same as those specified by Order for key stage 1 , which will have been published in statutory Documents by the time this report is made public .
43 Although for the present time this generation has strong feelings for the PLO and its chairman , Yasser Arafat , they have grown impatient with the niceties of political diplomacy .
44 At the same time this is not to deny there are administrators and administrations which claim to act , even want to act , in a disinterested way .
45 What with Mrs Clements and the girls also gone for the week , I suppose I was very conscious of the fact that once I departed , Darlington Hall would stand empty for probably the first time this century — perhaps for the first time since the day it was built .
46 At the very time this highly specialised library of books on the cotton industry was being dispersed , without even being checked against the holdings of the British Library — the book here listed is not to be found in their catalogue — the New Mills Heritage Centre was trying to put together a collection of books which would be of use to students visiting what had been , among other achievements , the home of the British calico printing industry .
47 The last time this happened I just managed to catch a glimpse of his two black eyes , going down for the third time , before I landed him .
48 Three weeks , by the time this conversation took place .
49 If you speak for more than about a fifth of the total time this is not appraisal , it 's lecturing , or worse , pontificating .
50 Rowledge First School is usually used as the polling station for Bucks Horn Oak voters , but the venue was changed for the first time this year to the Forestry Commission 's offices in Christmas Tree Yard .
51 By the time this mill was built , it was possible to use an iron windshaft and gears instead of the all-timber machinery that had for centuries been such a tribute to the skills and ingenuity of millwrights and carpenters .
52 That 's the second time this week I 've had boys over my garden wall .
53 Expect me some time this afternoon .
54 This may occur at the exposed soil surface as raindrops selectively erode fine clay particles , leaving heavier sand particles : with time this process can affect deeper parts of the soil profile , impairing its water-retaining capacity to such an extent that even after agriculture has been abandoned the forest may be unable to recolonise .
55 My father was very strict , but at that time this was nothing unusual .
56 At one time this requirement was construed broadly , so that words merely precatory were accepted as raising a trust .
57 In time this may bring improved relationships between company and the community and between employer and employees .
58 Students of the College called themselves veterinary surgeons , and in time this became an accepted designation .
59 ( Wringing her apron in mock indignation ) That 's the third time this week I 've picked his Good polyester-dacron trousers up off the floor and Hung them up in their crease .
60 The Yorkshire Car Collection opens its doors to the public for the first time this year , giving you the opportunity to see one of the most magnificent collections of cars in Europe .
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