Example sentences of "'s just " in BNC.

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31 Perhaps it 's just that we do n't have enough of those long , thin granite cracks .
32 Once inside the auction room , it 's just a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping somebody takes a fancy to it , too .
33 Concentration spans are short at this age but , once commands are taught on a ‘ reward-for-getting-it-right/patience-not-punishment-for-getting-it-wrong ’ basis , it 's just a case of frequent practice .
34 It 's just another struggle for air , for living life .
35 It 's just one particular case .
36 It 's just terrible , ’ Siobhan Gallagher , 18 , said .
37 If the one-man show is as close to ‘ actors ’ theatre' as we 'll ever get , perhaps it 's just as well .
38 It 's just the way I make my noise . ’
39 See , when I go out , I 'm looking out for me and my mate , I do n't want some researcher in the back who 's just going to be a liability …
40 ‘ No , Taff , It 's just the same at the big house , slit trenches and mosquitoes .
41 ‘ I do n't know , ’ I replied , ‘ It 's just as bad back at Brigade H.Q We also have the Navy dug in with us in the orchard .
42 It is now daylight and another new day , as we continue to trudge along the road ; there is no conversation , it 's just heads down and continue to look at the boots of the man in front .
43 But when she sees the Teds and greasers and hard-faced girls who make up the matinee audience , she thinks it 's just as well .
44 ‘ Planned it for years to give me pleasure in my retirement and now it 's just getting into a mess .
45 It 's just a question of finding the right people to bring in and form a fashion-design group .
46 He told us what he was going to do and we knew some people were going to get killed , but that 's just life .
47 ‘ The work-force can pick out a fraud very easily or someone who 's just glossing things over .
48 It 's just like young people today dealing with computers .
49 It 's just the pressure you work under .
50 I could look at all these things and say that 's just not the right way to do it .
51 You try to defy death all the time when you 've had a Catholic upbringing , because it 's just so awful .
52 It 's just not true .
53 It 's just one day . ’
54 ‘ It 's just ten , Daddy .
55 ‘ It 's just not fair . ’
56 ‘ He 's just the same , ’ Maggie said and continued on about the nurses ' home while Sheila bit her tongue .
57 The overlords at Citroen say it 's just a show car , but with Peugeot and Citroen able endlessly to vary the mix of 605s and XMs that come off the shared line at Sochoux , a third model , an XM coupe , is not an impossibility .
58 Given the unpleasant blare of the G40 motor , though , it 's just as well it delivers such strong performance low down as prolonged exposure to high revs is tiresome and uncomfortable .
59 It 's just that he makes it so damn difficult .
60 You sit high in any case and it 's just as well — you need to be able to see the big car 's extremities .
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