Example sentences of "were for " in BNC.

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31 Any fears , however , that Havel 's talent might be going off were for me resolved by the broadcast version of Redevelopment , given a dramatised reading by the RSC in February under the title Slum Clearance .
32 Half were for cancellation , a quarter for medical expenses and most of the remainder for loss or theft of belongings .
33 More fertilizer might mean more grain ( and more carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide to add to the greenhouse effect ) , but there obviously comes a point where more fertilizer does not mean a bigger yield or perhaps is not justified on cost grounds , particularly when grain prices are low , as they were for part of the 1980s .
34 Once academics and scientists kept in touch by letter and ‘ corresponding members ’ of learned societies were for the most part never seen .
35 Does the work move to them , or are cars made so expensive that people are obliged to live close to their work , as they were for much of this century ?
36 PCBs , although no longer produced , were for 50 years widely used in industry — for example as cooling and insulating fluids and in the manufacture of plastics , adhesives , and lubricants .
37 All those rules were for nominal measures — money supply , public spending and borrowing , growth in money GDP — rather than for the volume goals of output , jobs and expenditure that most earlier governments had pursued in vain .
38 SINCE Indian independence in 1947 , the main question before Indian voters has been whether they were for or against the Nehru-Gandhi family .
39 Not only had Khrushchev denounced Stalin 's crimes ; the new warriors of perestroika , including Mikhail Gorbachev himself , were for the most part the Khrushchev generation , whose youthful idealism had coincided with that small post-Stalin thaw .
40 ‘ Most men wander out of the way , and fall into error for want of method , as it were for want of sowing and planting , that is , of improving the reason . ’
41 There were some comparatively small reductions to the Housing Benefit budget but the major savings — which ran into billions of pounds — were for the 1990s and the next century .
42 He did n't know what the medals were for .
43 All the phone calls they received were for him , and Gina never had any mail .
44 Launderettes were for common people with common synthetic clothing .
45 He wrote girls ' phone numbers in the back of the book so that she would think the stars were for something else if she snooped around .
46 The lifts were for transporting patients too sick to protest to departments on higher floors .
47 Sometimes the slaps and punches were for real now , and my mother would cry up the stairs in alarm whenever she heard a sudden thump as I fell on the floor or bumped into the furniture .
48 Furthermore , of these few results , a substantial number were for charcoal , with all the attendant problems of possible age offset due to ‘ old wood ’ ( see p. 121 ) .
49 Those whom they encountered were for the most part leading precarious lives ; they lacked the leisure , the mental energy , even the vocabulary , for speculation about the great issues of heaven and hell , death and judgement .
50 Secretly , under layers and wads of protest , was her admission that he was right , that these things were for the best .
51 The annual demands to bring back the rope , the murmurings about repatriating immigrants , the calls to purge the nation of social welfare scroungers , were for them a sojourn in purgatory .
52 The floors were for the most part tiled , large patterned tiles , not unattractive , but in need of thorough cleaning .
53 Among the Zuwaya history was not a specialized occupation ; the relations were for the most part those of patrilineal descent .
54 But expensive as these things were for a king of a small country , they were not the crippling drain on his purse that genuine warfare would have been .
55 In Islington 's famous Union Chapel , for example , the doors which opened into the auditorium had fixed to the wall beside them small boxes with a slit on the top ; these were for worshippers ' donations .
56 The Justices of the Forest were for the most part important men who can have devoted a limited amount of time to their Forest duties .
57 Henceforth the Justices of the Forest were for the most part great barons , who often held extensive estates in or near the forests they administered .
58 True , not all changes were for the good .
59 The letter suggests the payments were for MCC shares transferred to Liechtenstein trusts called stiftungs , and adds : ‘ It appears that companies of which I am joint administrator have substantial claims against the stiftungs and any other entities which benefited from these payments . ’
60 Mr Smith , whose team are 6–1 outsiders for the Cup , agrees with the bookmakers in rating Liverpool even stronger favourites tonight than they were for the first meeting .
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