Example sentences of "reply [pron] " in BNC.

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1 The reply I envisage is likely to prove unsatisfactory to radicals and utilitarians alike , since it would state that poetry is ultimately its own justification , like music or games .
2 In reply I sent him a cutting from the catalogue of a well known UK mail order equipment company .
3 In a Parliamentary reply I said : ‘ The Government have no plans to change the present system of financing the National Health Service largely from taxation and will continue to review the scope for introducing more cost consciousness and consumer choice and for increasing private provision which is already expanding . ’
4 Whatever reply I find for that one , obviously it is not going to be
5 I asked why and she gave me a reply I had n't expected .
6 A prompt reply I would have deemed a common decency , you being a fellow screenplay writer , though I must say I have never cared for your work , finding it , at once , both florid and superficial .
7 I attach a copy of the reply I received from MacKenzie Storrie to my letter of 23 July , a copy of which I sent to you .
8 In my earlier reply I told the House what action the United Kingdom Government have taken , in concert with our partners in the European Community and other civilised countries , to condemn utterly the conduct of the Burmese Government and to call for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi .
9 I , David on your guard force and the thirty four members yes , you , you rightly mentioned the correspondence with your at this moment in time I have had no reply I have sent another letter which you have not received as yet to , indicating that if they do not return those members then we will proceed to Bridlington .
10 I enclose copies of my letter to Lancashire County Surveyor and Bridgemaster and the reply I received .
11 If I do not get a satisfactory reply I intend to pursue every possible means to draw the public 's attention to this iniquitous state of affairs , which for a big company like P & O is an absolute disgrace .
12 I would like the members of this authority to have a look at the reply I make no apology for the length of the reply to Mr 's very important question .
13 I refer the honourable gentleman to the reply I gave some moments ago .
14 I refer my honourable friends to the reply I gave some moments ago .
15 I refer my honourable friend to the reply I gave some moments ago .
16 I refer the honourable gentleman to the reply I gave some moments ago .
17 I refer the honourable gentleman to the reply I gave some moments ago .
18 I refer my honourable friend to the reply I gave some moments ago .
19 If you think there 's any chance of a re of a reply I would very certainly .
20 It is a reply which is at once deferential and contemptuous , self-effacing and arrogant .
21 We may find that a particular reply which we had expected to be only given very occasionally looks as if it might well be much more prevalent than we had expected .
22 However , it is not necessarily the immediate reply which influences decision so much as the well-considered facts succinctly presented .
23 An ‘ open ’ question produces a reply which leaves more room for uncertainty .
24 She indicated that her husband , Bob Geldof , was not keen on the idea , and illustrated this with a reply which included the word ‘ bollock' .
25 To the latter question came a rambling reply which encompassed various themes : the economic , the scientific , the geographical , the touristic and , lastly , the ideological .
26 The document was accepted and ratified by the landlord , as one can see from paragraph 6 of the reply which states :
27 Hope had written an evasive reply which he would frank and give to George Wood to post for him but he doubted that he could deter him for much longer .
28 She strangled the reply which so nearly escaped her lips .
29 The eminent novelist and philosopher Iris Murdoch was asked in an interview in 1982 " What do you think of other forms and media , such as television ? " and I could not agree more with her reply which was " People say that British television is the best in the world but there is so much violence and such a lot of it is so terrible .
30 ( See appendix letter 3 and letter 4 which shows the reply which came back from the parents . )
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