Example sentences of "[be] found to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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31 The second part of the project will involve an assessment of the usefulness of statistical tests in deciding how to reformulate or reestimate an economic model that has been found to be inadequate .
32 The design of the situation and the process should adhere to standard practices which have been found to be helpful by experience and commonsense .
33 The role of the media in public disorder has been found to be consistent across different historical periods , geographical locations and types of disorder .
34 Again , it has been found to be uncommon among those living on traditional unprocessed foods .
35 Moreover , several different approaches have been found to be effective , including all day clinics , nurse coordinated care , and miniclinics .
36 Rentokil Tropical Plants make the work environment more pleasant and healthier through the use of attractive indoor plants , many of which have been found to be effective in absorbing air pollutants in the office environment .
37 This has been found to be effective in the USA .
38 The absorption of ingested polyethylene glycols ( PEGs ) has been found to be normal in patients with active ulcerative colitis .
39 Two of three decorative diamond shapes on the faces of his Merit PL irons had been found to be illegal by the United States Golf Association but their faxed message to the manufacturers arrived after Nelson had begun his round .
40 of the cases in the past few years have been found to be genuine asylum seekers in United Nations terms .
41 Recently some migrant African and Chinese populations have also been found to be susceptible to non-insulin dependent diabetes , and people of European origin might be the only true ‘ low susceptibility ’ group .
42 A further generalization of this solution was attempted by Halil ( 1979 ) , but this has subsequently been found to be incorrect and so will not be considered here .
43 The distribution of price changes or returns has often been found to be leptokurtic .
44 The basic model has been found to be applicable in a wide area extending from Germany in the east , to onshore U.K. in the west .
45 Raccoons no longer trapped for their fur , have invaded suburbia around Washington and a few have recently been found to be rabid .
46 Modems in Computer Room had been found to be incompatible with our telephone system and should be disposed of .
47 The molecular mechanisms for a number of these sub-glass transition relaxations have now been established , and by way of illustration some examples of group motions that have been found to be active in a series of poly ( alkyl methacrylate ) s will be described .
48 A most probable value of 2.5 × 10 23 has been found to be acceptable for most flexible heterodisperse polymers in good solvents .
49 ‘ Well , you would expect the majority of modules to be certificated successfully because they are being run by professional staff in centres which have been validated — in other words the centre 's resources , staff and support systems have been found to be adequate to run each module .
50 Other components have been found to be false , or unhelpful .
51 The all-over sole pattern has been found to be short of downhill adhesion and has disappeared from the market .
52 Woolworth 's are appealing to shoppers to return a make of children 's sandal which has been found to be faulty .
53 None of the other species listed in Table 2.1 have been found to be significant accumulators of bone .
54 i ) Given that the frequency distributions of many financial indicators have been found to be non-normal , what other statistical models could provide good approximations ?
55 The olfactory channel is used and has been found to be important in making judgements about a person being ‘ good ’ or ‘ bad ’ !
56 As lack of discipline at home had been found to be important to later sociopathy , she recommended improved discipline at school for such at-risk youngsters : a more vigorous role in preventing truancy , supervision for completion of assignments , controlled use of leisure time and so on .
57 In particular , politicians sought to examine why so many volunteers to fight had been found to be unfit to do so .
58 A third of vehicles on sale at used car dealers have been found to be unfit for the road , leaving their buyers with big repair bills .
59 Because he had already lost some weight and had been found to be anaemic the dietician was consulted to ensure that he received adequate nourishment .
60 Instead , Sisson maintains that the real reason is that in Britain multi-employer bargaining has increasingly been found to be incapable of performing what employers regard as its major function , namely the neutralisation of the workplace from the activities of trade unions .
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