Example sentences of "[noun] of [noun pl] all over " in BNC.

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1 I mean I think there are groups of women all over the country very interested in feminism and doing lots of good work and providing support for women who do want some sort of change , and so if that 's what you mean by the women 's liberation movement I think it 's a very good thing .
2 Meanwhile , a wide variety of courts administered a wide variety of laws all over western Europe ; and if one asked a man in any part of Europe to whose law he was subject , he might well have answered ‘ to my law ’ — for law was a personal thing , which a man might carry about with him ; it bound him to the courts to which his ancestors had been subject , to the laws of those courts , and gave him the privileges which those courts provided .
3 Algal , lichen and moss communities grow wherever there is a hint of moisture , in a variety of habitats all over the continent .
4 Now four English teenagers are dead following a canoeing accident off the Dorset coast , intensifying the concerns of parents all over Britain as they watch their children set off with their mates , while wondering what the chances are that something might go horribly wrong .
5 And with the help of breeders all over the world , they 've made a dramatic comeback .
6 A tiny creature which cuts a tracery of lines all over the surface of floating foliage .
7 So , there are these sort of centres all over the country , er but this is the first time that there has been one that has arts and science under the same room .
8 If you ask me , it looks like a load of picture of heads all over the bloody place !
9 The significance of the birth of Christ is not the sudden appearance of angels all over the place , but the fact that such an important person was born in the most humble surroundings — in a poor and lowly stable .
10 Not only can we use the considerable buying power of Guinness to get the best prices , but we can use our knowledge of suppliers all over the world to ensure the highest quality product .
11 Nearly 30% of Americans all over the country surveyed by the Washington Post said they feared their city would be subject to a terrorist attack .
12 I have visions of bosses all over the land going hot under the collar as they see yet more of their staff enjoying the antics of this old salt — it could take over where Leisure Suit Larry left off .
13 I 'm interested in the role of women all over the world , particularly in terms of what effect development strategies have had on women 's position , not merely in India but in other parts of the world as well , because I feel that there are a lot of common experiences which impinge on the problem as it relates to India .
14 ‘ It 's disgusting , ’ contributed Mrs Harper from time to time , presenting her flat , mean , worthless little counter simply because she could not bear to remain silent , to sit back where others played , although she recognized herself temporarily outnumbered , ‘ disgusting , I call it , ’ and Shirley , hearing this phrase for the millionth time , had a vision of households all over Britain in which censorious , ignorant old bags like her mother-in-law , who had never done anything for the public good , who had nothing positive ever to contribute to any argument , passed judgement on others while stuffing themselves with goose and roast potatoes and sprouts and apple sauce .
15 Much of the syllabus has become part of the training of dancers all over the world .
16 The South West Region plays host to a vast number of divers all over the country .
17 ‘ We have lost a lot of ponds all over the country , so the ones we do have are even more important as wildlife habitats . ’
18 He had very red hair and a pale complexion with masses of freckles all over his face , he was very popular with everyone and lived for the day when he could join the Army , particularly the Camerons .
19 Questions similar to this one seem to occupy an inordinate amount of the energies of scientists all over the world , not to mention grouses about the shortsightedness/injustice/lack of imagination of a straight thumbs down to a researcher 's pet proposal .
20 a load of feathers all over his face .
21 If the changing rooms were full , girls would undress in the middle of the shop leaving piles of clothes all over the floor , such was their desperation to find the print and the style of their choice .
22 Piles of books all over the floor : Agatha Christie , Dick Francis , P. D. James .
23 A series of alerts all over the mainland came as the IRA yesterday declared a 72-hour Christmas truce for Northern Ireland .
24 The National Bowl is one of what we hope will be a series of venues all over Europe and we hope this one will become the first stop for major artists as they come to Europe
25 From 1904 he was Connexional Evangelist and conducted a series of missions all over Ireland .
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