Example sentences of "[noun] from [noun] all over " in BNC.

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1 Due to the obsession of most comparative sociologists with problems of measurement , all sight of a global system was lost in the mists of dubious generalization about a host of discrete variables from societies all over the world .
2 Erlich had seen nothing like it in CI-3 , in Washington Field Office , where each room had photos of wives stuck onto cork boards , of kids , postcards from vacations all over the world , cartoons , clippings of headlines and a huge blow-up of a quote from an English thriller writer : ‘ The most suspicious , unbelieving , unreasonable , petty , inhuman , sadistic , double-crossing set of bastards in any language [ are ] the people who run counter-espionage departments . ’
3 Detectives have already been to Scotland to talk to colleagues there … and they 're pooling information with officers from forces all over Britain .
4 WOMEN managers from colleges all over Wales will gather at the St David 's Park Hotel at Ewloe today for the launch of the Network for Women Managers in Further and Continuing Education in Wales .
5 It is the same battle , in a new form , which dates centuries back , and which finds support from peoples all over the ‘ Third World ’ who have been fighting and dying for too long for something which is so clearly their birthright .
6 ‘ When our case was originally rejected we got calls from authorities all over the country saying ‘ What 's going on ? ’ . ’
7 Our advisory services answer thousands of queries from people all over the country .
8 The Pope 's 450-page draft text has been drawn up with the help of 24,000 suggestions from bishops all over the world .
9 ‘ Although we have had bookings from people all over Britain , strangely no one has expressed any interest from Northern Ireland , ’ she added .
10 Not only is she busy sending out subscription forms to the existing 220 members , she is also coping with the dozens of enquiries from amateurs all over the world looking to turn professional .
11 Representatives from countries all over the world met in Nairobi at the end of June to discuss the greenhouse effect .
12 There were many representatives from churches all over our diocese who went to lobby their MPs .
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