Example sentences of "[noun] [noun pl] all over the " in BNC.

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91 Royal Mail spokesman Adam Novak said : ‘ The twin town award scheme is just one way in which we can demonstrate our commitment to the European single market by recognising the extensive contribution twin towns all over the UK have made in furthering the development of international communications . ’
92 There are similar cohabitation rules all over the place .
93 After a fly past by a RAF VC 10 , divisional officers from fire brigades all over the country unveiled a plaque in memory of the airmen who died during second world war .
94 I wish to rewire it , but I 'm not sure how to do this as the wiring is in a bit of a mess , with earth wires all over the place , some not joined to anywhere .
95 Altogether FGD was fitted in more than 1,000 power plants all over the world , some with equipment made in Britain .
96 Escaping into the downstairs loo , which had photographs of Drew in various polo teams all over the walls , Daisy repaired her pink , shiny face .
97 Megadeth 's fifth and finest LP , ‘ Countdown To Extinction ’ slammed its way straight into the upper reaches of LP charts all over the globe ( it entered the US chart at a staggering No. 2 ! ) and its first single , Symphony Of Destruction , was such a hit in the UK that a Top Of The Pops appearance was simply unavoidable .
98 There were fire engines all over the place , but nobody came to tell us what was going on . ’
99 The next day , place the black fondant tiles all over the roof , in neat overlapping rows , securing them on with a little water or royal icing .
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