Example sentences of "give you " in BNC.

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61 Take what they 'll give you .
62 A chemically sharpened hook with this set-up will give you a greater percentage of pricked fish as the carp draws the bait in and then ejects .
63 Join a group like Weight Watchers ( see box ) who can give you support and encouragement in achieving this goal .
64 Explain to him how you feel and chat to his parents , who may rally round and give you the support he refuses to give you .
65 His logic seems to be that if he does n't give you any money , he can be sure you 're staying with him because you love him , and not because of his earning power .
66 Our menu list will give you some idea of how tasty and interesting a low-fat diet can be .
67 Let me give you a little drop of scotch .
68 When we got married I promised I 'd give you everything you want and so I will .
69 ‘ Get good marks and I 'll give you a terrific record .
70 One or other of these could always give you a clue .
71 Send the photograph frames by registered post to Hampton Utilities ( Birmingham ) Ltd , 15 Pitsford Street , Hockley , Birmingham B18 6LJ ( 021–554 1766 ) , explaining what needs to be done : the company will then give you a quotation for the work .
72 I promise I will give you good warning before I avail myself of this privilege .
73 Matron says she may give you a hand today — or , indeed , at any time when things are slack on the wards . ’
74 ( Mutengene is a harder word than Sasse so I had better give you the pronunciation : Moo-teng-genay . )
75 With a hint of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez , Carol brought the house down : ‘ He has a family/He has a home/He 's wearing some new shoes that he does n't quite own/He does n't have work yet/He 's trying hard to get/But he 'll give you his fortune when he has one to give . ’
76 Some water authorities will give you a rebate on your water supply while you winter abroad .
77 If you can return it to us within 90 minutes , we will not only give you a new one , but we will give you two new ones . ’
78 If you can return it to us within 90 minutes , we will not only give you a new one , but we will give you two new ones . ’
79 That would give you the bare bones of The Prince of the Pagodas , but not much idea of the richness of Benjamin Britten 's score which , paradoxically , has proved a stumbling block in the work 's history .
80 By Gareth Parry AS THIS column is just over a year old , I thought I 'd give you all a bit of a break , and write about the psychology of DIY .
81 Many insurers have a link with an emergency assistance organisation such as Mondial , GESA or Europ Assistance and will give you a local 24-hour phone number to call should you need sudden medical or repatriation help .
82 We will give you written quotations .
83 Fees vary according to the price of your property and the type of survey involved — we 'll give you plenty of advice .
84 In short , our status as Independent Financial Advisors means we must always give you the best possible advice regarding your options in the financial marketplace .
85 If you are looking for a pension or other financial advice we can similarly give you information and guidance to make the right decision .
86 You can find out a lot by seeing if there is bedlam in the playground or if there are lots of crisp packets and chocolate papers scattered about — this will give you clues to how the school is managed .
87 ‘ I 'll give you a ring later ’ , he said , and with Hermione Farthingale , David Bowie just walked out of my life .
88 Can I give you a coffee ? ’
89 I can give you the address of her solicitors — Kenwards , two-partner firm in Kensington .
90 I would give you back yourself ,
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