Example sentences of "about [adj] " in BNC.

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31 I have seen the report and am considering its implications carefully , but it is just worth pointing out that in 11 of the past 12 Budgets we have taken steps to encourage employee share ownership to the extent that by the end of March last year about 2.25 million employees had benefited under all employee share schemes and had received options or shares with an initial value of £6.5 billion .
32 Does the Chancellor recognise that his optimism about 2.25 per cent .
33 At about 7.30 p.m. , after two and a half hours ' sleep curled up on the floor of the trench , I made my way out of the orchard and on to the road .
34 Isa , the chairman of the local Assembly executive committee , began proceedings at about 5.30 p.m. ; at sunset the audience moved to the east end of the playground and , the glowing sky colouring their white clothes , said their prayers ; at about 7.30 Isa adjourned the meeting .
35 Our billetors were obliged to provide us with breakfast , which might be taken about 7.30 ( or 10.30 if we had been on night duty ) , and one other meal which had also to be a moveable feast .
36 The following morning , 19 April , at about 7.30 a.m. , Crabb and ‘ Smith ’ made their way to the dockyard where Crabb changed into his diving gear and , with the aid of some officers from NID , entered the water near the south-west jetty .
37 The large hut — used to store scaffolding equipment — in Warham Road , Dovercourt , caught fire at about 7.30 pm on Monday .
38 I would get home at about 7.30 in the evening and I still had to do my homework .
39 She had drawn the curtains at the house the previous evening and was carrying out a routine check at about 7.30 am when she saw the smashed back porch .
40 She had made him some breakfast about 7.30 .
41 Case White , as the invasion was codenamed , was aborted by a signal issued at about 7.30 p.m. on August 25 , because Mussolini and Ciano , when it came to it , summoned up the courage to tell Hitler the truth at last .
42 His father Thomas Hope , who settled in England about 1796 , became through his writings and patronage the central figure in the neo-classical movement in England , and made his Duchess Street house , and Deepdene near Dorking , centres for his extensive collections .
43 This is an early use of the implied term ‘ Veterinary Surgeon ’ , which was not established as a title until about 1796 when it was introduced as an army designation ) .
44 This building is more Romanesque than other works ; it is cruciform and has a particularly fine galleried and arcaded apse dating from about 1140 .
45 Until about 1934 the Establishment explanation of these phenomena was remarkably unconvincing and seems to have reflected mainly a desire not to be asked embarrassing questions .
46 Each month we take note of your letters and try to redress the balance , hoping that over the year we get it just about right .
47 This year he seems to have got it just about right .
48 The engine has been on an electronic diagnosis machine ( like a Sun tester ) and everything was shown to be set just about right .
49 Against a background of thinking that a series should : a ) find a balance between the too general and the too specific ( in their Arnold series he would say that MacLoughlin was about right , Tarone too specific ) , and b ) be for the most part single-author monographs and only rarely , if ever , be edited collections of papers ( while recognizing that CUP has produced the occasionally successful collection ) , he suggested the following topics/authors : — universal grammar/Kevin Gregg , Japan ? — input and interaction in SLA/Jackie Schachter/Teresa Pica , Pennsylvania ? ( could be two separate volumes ) — cognitive processing and SLA/ ? — ‘ instructed ’ SLA/Patsy Lightbown ? — social factors and situations in SLA/Roger Andersen , UCLA ? — age and neurolinguistic factors/Mike Long ? ( who has apparently said he would not want to publish in his own series )
50 It is a good idea to practise this technique using the same piece of music each time and the length of one side of a cassette or record ( usually about twenty minutes ) is just about right for this exercise .
51 I think arts in the countryside are about right as they are .
52 My L.caeruleus and M.exasperatus have spawned , so things must be about right !
53 This is one of those channels where it 's hard to find a bad sound ; everything set on 5 is about right , full-bodied but still jangly , exactly how it should be .
54 It 's nice when you pick up a guitar , knowing it to be a company 's idea of what a first electric should be like , and finding that they 've got it just about right .
55 The weight is about right , if compared to a similar Fender , and the slightly elongated top horn helps the bass to balance well , falling as it does in line with the twelfth fret .
56 The Mad Axe 's very impressive acoustic sustain helps a lot on clean settings , and for rich , Knopfler-type sounds the pickups are voiced just about right .
57 A light meal without alcohol about an hour or so before your treatment is just about right .
58 This one was just about right , though it bulged our financial boundaries , and we moved in with the previous owners ' carpets and curtains and little else .
59 This survey suggests that the Health Department has got it just about right .
60 ‘ That 's just about right .
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