Example sentences of "i better " in BNC.

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31 Here I better listen to that to see if they were talking about me .
32 I do n't know , , I better get my
33 No I better not .
34 I better go and
35 I better get my contact lenses in had n't I ?
36 I better go .
37 I better see if this dinner 's ready .
38 And , I better get this dinner out .
39 And it got , in the end , actually , if I was , if I had to do something that was urgent or I had to go somewhere I used to have to say to her something like , you know , erm oh I better get on , I got a lot to do this morning , or I 'm goi I 've to be shopping and be back in time to cook Jim 's dinner or something like that cos he 's starting , oh I 've got ta have his dinner ready at twelve before he goes to work and if I really was pushed otherwise she would have come in every day .
40 Or why do n't you give mum the money and put it all through , no no I better not no .
41 Suppose I better put some on , I 've used it all up .
42 Well I better next
43 I better get another bottle of that er
44 Oh I better go and see if there 's any erm if my Christmas pudding wants er filling up .
45 I better put er Well Kath and Frank wo n't be coming , I told you did n't I ?
46 I better let you go .
47 I better go I 've got ta go to work .
48 Oh I better go soon .
49 And I feel really guilty , I think oh I better bring her in and then she wakes me up at six o'clock bouncing on the bed !
50 Yes , I better nip down to B & Q.
51 Actually I better take this up .
52 I said I 've been out here for about twenty minutes I better go back in .
53 Hey , I better go .
54 I better not have !
55 No do n't , I shall , if I 'm home by , only if I got back by five , I , I better
56 And , I rang , I better ask him you see , and of course , who was the lady in the office ?
57 But then I mean come and saw me once , you see , when I was n't there like that and he he tested from top to bottom , he said well ar ar after we sit and talked , and like he said well I better give you the once over , I said th er , certainly .
58 And , I that one , I 'll tell you what , you know , ooh god , no , yes , yes , leave it at that , I better than I 'd deserve to be .
59 on , I thought it was this week but it is n't it 's the seventeenth , so I rang Steve and he said I better .
60 I better not put a star on this one though had I cos
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