Example sentences of "the corner " in BNC.

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31 The wall was relenting now , there was another continuous crack in the corner .
32 Four abseils down the corner ( the first chain is on the path ) will take you to Le Jardin , a hanging terrace complete with mini-forest .
33 If , despite the precautions to remove loose bristles , one does drag on to the varnish , remove it using the corner tip of the brush , or with a toothpick or cocktail stick .
34 I scuttled to the corner and crouched , trembling and moaning .
35 The house is prominently sited on the corner of Portland Street and Langham Street .
36 The corner frequency of the filter is about 0.3Hz .
37 Security and my creature comforts were cared for by a dry-cleaners on the street level ; a cafe on the first floor that would send me up something on a tray when I came home late and tired ; a retired beautician on the second floor who would revive me with an evening ‘ facial ’ ; while the grocer round the corner saw to it that my larder was replenished for my homecomings .
38 This time Damien Cronin kept going a move that seemed about to die and Hastings just made the line near the corner .
39 It could just as well have been the 20th birthday of the Eden Gardens tea urn , and as far as the Indian government is concerned , there is nothing like an international cricket tournament for persuading the electorate that , with polling day just around the corner , Rajiv is the boy to vote for .
40 Ronald Koeman converted that penalty , then another gloriously won by Julio Salinas when , tiring of the professional duty to let seconds tick away near the corner flag , he burst clear of his attendant , evaded one challenge along the byline , and fell under a second .
41 PICCADILLY CIRCUS It may be wise to keep your eyes on the traffic , but when you 've reached the island , look up to the Spectacolor board above the corner of Haymarket and Coventry Street .
42 Financial markets are apprehensive that the trade deficit has still not turned the corner and a poor figure could shake sterling again .
43 Equally , however , there are respected industry commentators who are certain that the first agreed takeover of a building society is just around the corner .
44 Dundee United have been the corner shop competing with the hypermarkets of Glasgow , and business has been brisk with pockets of profitability .
45 A symbiotically mute pair then sectioned each of these into eight translucent oblongs , flouring them and stacking them delicately to sell on to the baklava and bougatsa makers round the corner .
46 See , the other week there , I was on beat duty and this wee nipper , could n't have been more than 6 or 7 , came round the corner and says to me , ‘ Fuck off , ya black bastard . ’
47 ‘ There he is , Sir , in the corner of the field , close to the hedgerow . ’
48 He must have sensed that I was looking at him , he suddenly glanced at me out of the corner of his eyes and , still cleaning the mess tin with his finger , he said quietly , ‘ Why are you staring at me like that , Piper ?
49 About a hundred and fifty yards away I could just make out three figures crossing at the corner of the field and approaching the road in our direction .
50 We continued to stare at the corner of the field for some time , expecting to see some movement .
51 I entered the barn at the corner of the farmyard .
52 It was sad to think that they had waited so long in England for this invasion of their homeland and after a few hours ashore so many of them had been killed or wounded , the dead now lying in a temporary grave in the corner of a Normandy orchard .
53 She slipped her arm through mine , I picked up my rifle from the corner near to the band , who were now packing up their instruments .
54 A few minutes later you are walking up a short wooden ladder , round the corner and you find a 200ft waterfall — bridges cross the torrent twice before you reach the top and continue along the path .
55 Barth was amused and pleased when he heard how someone said that if he and Ramsey could get on so well ‘ the millennium must be round the corner ’ .
56 If you achieve this , then a record deal is just around the corner , and you will have earned yourself a strong negotiating position which should enable you to sign the deal you want and not the first deal that is offered .
57 The corporate communiqué can be set out on anything from regulation A4 paper with a staple in the corner , to grandiose box presentations containing ‘ sampler ’ cassettes or compact discs previewing the alleged highlights of a forthcoming release .
58 Leave this Europe where they are never done talking of Man , yet murder men everywhere they find them , at the corner of every one of their own streets , in all corners of the globe .
59 Going to grammar school really made me isolated It was only a couple of miles away from where I lived but that 's a long way when you 're only 11 — years-old and all your mates from junior school had gone to the local comprehensive round the corner .
60 So , as far as I can work it out , they found it was cool to go round to Wally 's and hang out , particularly as the school was only just round the corner from his place So they 'd sit there doing very little and getting bored .
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