Example sentences of "[is] just that i " in BNC.

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31 ‘ Not a bit , it 's just that I do n't tell anything , you see , and the Community likes that , they feel I 'm part of them .
32 ‘ It 's just that I said … . ’
33 It 's just that I could n't take it .
34 ‘ It 's just that I have a particular dislike of anonymous letters .
35 It — it 's just that I 'm so nervous . ’
36 ‘ It 's just that I ca n't understand French .
37 I do n't want to do something just for the sake of it , I do n't really care about being on the Council , it 's just that I wanted to do something about those wretched caravans .
38 It 's just that I do n't have the same taste as she does and she always wants me to have what she wants .
39 It 's just that I do n't know if he loves me — or even cares .
40 It 's just that I feel so cheap .
41 It 's just that I get so lonely sometimes .
42 ‘ It 's just that I do n't find it very difficult to multiply one number by another . ’
43 It 's just that I think Fergie has blundered again .
44 However , he still spends £150 a week on records , saying ‘ It 's just that I do n't feel so judgemental about music any more . ’
45 It 's just that I have n't had time to think about it and I only thought that with all those shepherds in the area there was bound to be some traffic in illegally slaughtered lamb .
46 I do n't really want to be seen as part of the team and it 's not because I do n't like them — they 're all nice people — it 's just that I do n't want to be The Word 's latest wanker .
47 It 's just that I 've never met a policeman before . ’
48 It 's just that I hate that expression , that 's all . ’
49 ‘ It 's not that there are two Nigel Mansells , it 's just that I know when to compete and when to relax .
50 I do n't mean I should n't — no , I 've got lots of reasons now — it 's just that I 'm uncomfortable with it .
51 It 's just that I 'm too involved in what 's happening to play games — at least , to play games with you .
52 ‘ It 's just that I thought you should n't be able to turn people out of places they 've lived in for years , it does n't make sense .
53 It 's just that I 'm going to send
54 I do n't know if it 's just that I 'm missing you …
55 It 's just that I have more and more good days .
56 It 's just that I seem to have got very bored with it .
57 I sent away and passed the exams and I became a policeman , but I always wanted to become a policeman when I , from about eighteen or nineteen it 's just that I drifted the wrong way .
58 ‘ It 's just that I like it here with you .
59 It 's just that I 've never seriously thought about it before .
60 I 'm not proud , it 's just that I want to be in the right place .
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