Example sentences of "[is] [that] i do " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 ’ All he asks of me , ’ George would say , ’ is that I do n't land on his carpet . ’
32 The other part of the problem is that I do not plan the talks for the winter meetings and the excursions very far ahead .
33 The only reason that I am speaking is that I do not believe that the guillotine motion has anything to do with speeding up the Education ( Schools ) Bill because time was being wasted .
34 My comment is that I do n't accept what John is saying .
35 ‘ The one thing that worries me is that I do n't think he cares .
36 My concern about this is that I do n't see how a view can be taken at a strategic level on something which ultimately can be only ascertained on a site specific basis .
37 So what I would like to propose is that I do a homework timetable for year seven that that homework timetable goes round to all the departments and that we ask the department to stick to that timetable as far as they possibly can .
38 Yeah well b well what I 'm trying to say and I ca n't emphasise it too strongly is that I do n't want anybody going round like writing another stupid letter to somebody saying that erm you know the reason we 're inundated that it has n't been advertised properly cos I tell you what it 'll come back right in our faces cos it 's our bloody fault Well that 's right well we know that I mean I told them all I told them all quite clearly when I was up in Glasgow that they 'd be quiet for at least a month because p it 'll take time to filter through .
39 Well what I am saying is that I do n't think it is his primary concern .
40 That 's perfectly true , it is a system of the end of the world and my only consc my only complaint is that I do n't think that what my Right Honourable Friend is suggesting is in fact a destruction of the tripartite system .
41 That is that I do n't mind .
42 Well I do n't know , is that I do n't think that 's thirty eight is it ?
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