Example sentences of "[vb pp] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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31 In the first annual report of the medical superintendent it was reported that it had not been necessary to use the padded cell on any occasion , despite the fact that many patients had been admitted handcuffed , leg iron locked or bound with cords and chains .
32 Iliescu later reported that it had been agreed to establish a dialogue involving the NSF and representatives of the 20 political parties now in existence [ These round table talks will be covered in the February News Digest . ]
33 The Colony , which had its legal status removed in February [ see p. 38002 ] , was still operating and former inmates had reported that it had been a centre for child sexual abuse and slave labour , and a torture centre for Pinochet 's DINA secret police following the 1973 military coup .
34 A Geneva-based consultancy hired by the United Nations to investigate the allegations subsequently reported that it had found no evidence that any hazardous waste had been exported to Somalia .
35 Is he aware that the Institute of Housing has recently reported that it does not believe that competitive tendering in housing management is a sensible option , saying that it does ’ not easily lend itself to competitive tendering ’ ?
36 Those who suffer from PMS less frequently reported that it has got better with time .
37 I decided it was just because she had n't mattered that it had n't been worth shocking her .
38 Instead it is thought Meiko will use the Fujitsu Ltd VP single-chip vector processor for floating point operations alongside the Texas Instruments Inc Viking SuperSparc for scalar operations , although Meiko has said that Cypress Semiconductor Corp 's HyperSparc will be considered once it became available ( UX No 385 ) , and that the i860 could work with the new architecture if required .
39 ‘ You had n't considered that it had nothing to do with you , I suppose ?
40 It took longer for the territories with loud speakers to be occupied than it did for the silent territories ( Figure 6.2 ) .
41 Miss Hannah Hauxwell , dressed in men 's trousers and old jacket so torn that it looked as though savaging by wolf packs had once been part of her daily routine , looked at me mildly .
42 In defending this choice of subject matter Le Roy Ladurie has recently protested that it represents just whatever can be most readily understood in quantitative terms .
43 He had protested that it did not have the money and had been told that ‘ the Minister would not wear a statement that funds were exhausted ’ .
44 If an earn out is to be used , it is recommended that it does not form too significant a part of the purchase price as this will distort priorities .
45 In 1978 , when the factory moved , the union was officially dissolved although it continued to function secretly .
46 Gorbad Ironclaw was one of the most successful Orc leaders of all time : his campaign of destruction raged across the Empire and left the region of Solland so devastated that it has never fully recovered .
47 He clearly thought he had won and it annoyed her .
48 Damage caused to non-business property can be claimed if it exceeds £275 in value .
49 Golf development will not normally be permitted if it causes unacceptable disruption to the public enjoyment of rights of way .
50 ‘ For my part I believe the African Jesus would have won if it had not been for the Dark Host .
51 When it flies away it may be Pursued until it has left the vicinity — as is happening with this beleaguered golden eagle being chased by a group of aggressive ravens .
52 Both share and asset purchases are included and it makes no difference whether the merger is agreed or hostile .
53 As the nose of the aircraft was raised and some right bank smoothly applied the aircraft was observed to flick suddenly to the right to ninety degrees of bank , whereupon the nose dropped and it descended steeply to the ground .
54 After a normal steep climb-out , at about 120m the aircraft 's nose dropped and it dived into the ground killing all three crew and destroying the aircraft .
55 Steve asked reproachfully as if he did n't want to get blamed if it had n't .
56 Its transponder means it can be located if it becomes detached from its lift wire and umbilical .
57 One previous case of bilateral ureteric obstruction after pancreatitis has been reported and it has also been described in an alcoholic patient with a large pseudocyst .
58 This year a conditioner was added and it has cut more than 325ha ( 800 acres ) .
59 There is , however , a difference between imposing liability where the company has collapsed and it emerges that a director has been in total dereliction of duty or something close to it , and using the law to promote managerial dynamism .
60 In the hands of a great designer — Mondrian , de Staël , Rothko , Turner , Klee — the central void can be stressed until it appears to radiate energy .
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