Example sentences of "[vb past] [been] [prep] [det] " in BNC.

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31 You were also , probably , drunk , but how you got drunk , or where you had been between that first moment of reacquaintance with yourself and now , was a mystery .
32 Following the uprising and the overthrow of the legitimate government , whatever common interest there had been between these groups ceased and they began to fight each other .
33 Their argument had been about that ; some minor point or another .
34 Jessamy remembered how very annoyed she had been about that article .
35 They were more uncertain than their parents had been about these things .
36 She may have had some capital of her own , though many a wife in Victorian times was little better off as one man 's wife than she had been as another man 's daughter :
37 I had been along this track many times , and this was the first occasion on which I hesitated to pass the rocks .
38 He was their paying guest and had been since that afternoon seven years ago when he had tracked Rachel Gebler down to her home in this seaside suburb close to the famous swimming beaches .
39 Neither of them was able to identify any they came away they did not feel they had been of much help .
40 The poem was the finest Wordsworth had yet written , and , coming so soon after his departure from Alfoxden , suggests that the loss to him of the Quantock countryside had been of little real significance .
41 Attempts by " several gentlemen " to end these customs had been of little avail for a complaint of a very similar kind was still being made a century later .
42 Rather , I felt a strange exaltation that our brief married life together — consisting of but a few short leaves — had been of such ravishing sweetness , and that I had not spoiled it as I had spoiled things over two years before .
43 In it she declared how glad she was to think : ‘ … that the letter written by me to the King of Prussia at a critical moment had been of some use ’ , though quite what effect the letter may have had is unfortunately not spelt out .
44 Now if you cast your mind back to when we started the er discussion I did say I would talk about refer erm recommendations to you if you felt that this meeting had been of some benefit to yourself
45 I was spellbound : I had never known anybody who had been to such a faraway country .
46 The difficulty of interpreting such information is highlighted though by the fact that this educated elite , two-thirds of whom had been to public schools and universities , chose as their leader a man who had been to neither .
47 Changing the subject quickly , I wondered how great an inspiration she had been to all those women out there in their 40s who lacked her drive to embark on a new career .
48 She had been to all the parentcraft classes , and had not learnt a thing . ’
49 Before Abbotsfield , he had been to all intents and purposes an honorary member of the Molland family .
50 In the view of private and public critics of the Wilberforce sons there was more than filiopietism at issue in their charge that Clarkson claimed leadership in the cause when their father was entitled to it ; they suggested Clarkson had been to all intents and purposes a paid agent of the Abolition Committee .
51 Her husband had been to all those places shortly before his death .
52 Only with an effort did those who had been to all the other parties locate one another and separate themselves from the mob .
53 Britain 's initial position of support for Cramra had been to all intents and purposes relinquished by the end of the meeting .
54 ‘ You never did tell me just exactly what you and Marianne had been to each other in the past . ’
55 This was a soft seduction of her senses , a sensuous reminder of what they had been to each other and what they had lost .
56 Economically , of course , it had never ceased and had been to both countries ' benefit .
57 We talked about the possibility of his death , we talked about the possibility of him being permanently brain damaged , we talked about the happiness they had enjoyed together and how important it had been to both of them to find each other .
58 She had been to most of the early-morning markets as far as Hyères .
59 Duriez , who described himself as a pacifist , admitted that he had been to some of the raid locations .
60 The morning after I had been to this party at the Spanish Embassy , I received an invitation from the Spanish Ambassador and Señora Puig de la Bellacasa to go to their Farewell Party .
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