Example sentences of "[coord] it is for " in BNC.

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31 It should also be noted that there is no covenant or warranty implied that the premises are legally fit for the use for which the tenant intends using them and it is for the tenant to satisfy itself in this regard .
32 Despite this , the House of Lords rejected any concept of commercial equivalence so that Lord Atkin held : It was contended that in all commercial contracts the question was whether there was " substantial " compliance with the contract : there must always be some margin and it is for the tribunal of fact to determine whether the margin is exceeded or not .
33 The onus of showing reliance has now shifted away from the buyer and it is for the seller to prove that there was no reasonable reliance .
34 Under s8 of UCTA 1977 , s3 of the Misrepresentation Act 1967 is replaced by the following : 3 — If a contract contains a term which would exclude or restrict ( a ) any liability to which a party to a contract may be subject by reason of any misrepresentation made by him before the contract was made ; or ( b ) any remedy available to another party to the contract by reason of such a misrepresentation , that term shall be of no effect except in so far as it satisfies the requirement of reasonableness as stated in s11(1) of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 ; and it is for those claiming that the term satisfies that requirement to show that it does .
35 We have the report and it is for noting .
36 But it is not , it is entertainment and it is for the people . ’
37 The hope is to set up groups across Scotland to discuss health issues on a local level and it is for them that the recruitment drive has been started .
38 The important debate in my opinion that we shall have this Committee stage and it is for that reason and also because for four-and-a-half years which I think is regarded as a very long time , I was answerable for police affairs er with the Home Secretary in another place , as the Noble Lord , Lord Callaghan will remember , many years ago , it goes back to January nineteen fifty-eight when I became Under Secretary and he was political advisor to the Police Federation and we very rarely disagreed I 'm happy to say .
39 Norfolk has been for many years one of our Medau strongholds and it is for this reason that the Society decided to select this prestigious location .
40 This is a fax to OSEVA , capital O , capital S , capital E , capital V , capital A of Czechoslovakia and it is for the attention of Dipling capital D I P L stop capital I N G stop Josef J O S E F and the heading is your fax of the twelfth instant .
41 At the moment I 'm going to have it increased and it is for the , from Friday now .
42 Come here to see me if you will ; mother asks you , and I want you , but it is for you to come or not as you feel best , or as you like .
43 Inside there is more marble , — the marbled floor is very good — but it is for its art that the interior is famous .
44 But it is for you already , any fool can see you 're in no shape to continue .
45 The changes of the 1990s pose an urgent challenge for the whole personnel function in planning for recruitment and retention , pay flexibility and increased employee expectations , but it is for management development specialists , within the wider personnel function , constantly to remind task-driven managers of Metzger 's words , quoted by Glascott , ‘ people breathe life into programmes ’ ( Glascott , 1990 ) .
46 Towards the end of his time with us , Peter began to develop a midfield role in the craftier confines of Division Two , but it is for his goalscoring exploits that Palace fans chiefly remember him .
47 But it is for the mother to decide whether she has pain relief .
48 But it is for his gift of sympathy and understanding for the teachers who worked with him which far exceeded his obligation that I shall largely remember him .
49 I know it seems a little bit i idealistic , do n't know what the word is I want but it is for warning
50 The specimen may be of blood or urine , but it is for me to decide which .
51 Little beechwood board looks like a butter pat , but it is for chopping garlic .
52 ‘ Call it a wedding gift , ’ he advised harshly , ‘ but it is for you alone , not a thing to share with your future husband .
53 higher than this year , but it is for Derbyshire to decide its level of spending and priorities between services .
54 Local education authorities have considerable flexibility to provide additional assistance to small primary schools , through the small school protection factor , but it is for each authority to devise its own scheme and to choose its priorities within that scheme in the light of local needs .
55 In England , no such evidence has come forward , but it is for my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Scotland to decide whether he is convinced by the evidence .
56 Not only were there also one or two very old statutes to which resort could be made , but the common law of conspiracy was generally held to preclude collective actions designed to harm employers ' interests : " it is not the denial to work except for more wages than is allowed by statute , but it is for a conspiracy to raise their wages , for which these defendants are indicted " , concluded a famous judgement against some striking tailors of Cambridge in 1721 .
57 It is not for teachers to tell them what to believe or value , but it is for them to try to equip pupils in such a way that they can enter into the debate and develop a coherent and perceptive worldview for themselves .
58 I do n't know when it 's for , but it is for when , that 's what it 's called , you get a list and it is sort of ante
59 Many different types on the market , but when you actually start to look into them , erm , they reveal a few things , you can see by this one it 's a fairly old one , but it is for for demo purposes only , this is one by Polycell , it 's battery operated in a plastic cases and it 's handy because it 's got a torch but when you actually put the alarm on it goes my gadget 's not working really .
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