Example sentences of "[that] i know [adv] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ But all that means is that I know damn well what not to do .
32 The only person that I know about at the playhouse is Gordon .
33 Not that I know about .
34 It 's saying Sussex is n't a word that I know about .
35 j it just happens to be one that I know about .
36 I mean there are certain things like , the general conditioners to benefit , which erm , are alright , but there are other things that I know about and that I will pass on to people to look out for that I would n't want eh , that you would n't want eh , erm , outsiders to know .
37 All that I know so far — at least , all that is worth telling here — is that there are a number of different glycoproteins of a variety of molecular weights , on both pre- and postsynaptic sides of the membrane , involved in the response to training on the bead .
38 He said in a letter to shareholders : ‘ I believe that I know better than anyone what makes Amstrad operate and what needs to be done in order to secure its future .
39 I 'm not saying , twenty-five years later , that big Dave 's metaphor was quite as incisive as Virginia Woolf 's , I 'm just saying that I know now why he was n't entirely wrong .
40 ‘ You introduced me to Paris and it will be my turn to introduce you to England — not that I know very much about London .
41 ‘ I see that I know very little .
42 I 'm not sure that I know how to explain it to you . ’
43 When he was engaged in writing The Cocktail Party , he was asked how long he would devote himself to the theatre rather than to poetry ; he replied , " Until I can convince people that I know how to write a popular play " .
44 I 'm well educated and I 've got two children and I can manage pretty well , there 's a number of much more essential things that I know how to do , but I ca n't do those ones , and when they come up I feel like weeping myself sick . "
45 I 'm er I 'm pretty clear what 's expected of me but not so certain that I know how to make it sufficiently interesting to achieve your undivided attention .
46 ‘ It 's just that I know how all-controlling you are .
47 You know , perhaps if you straightened up on the side , or made it a bit more symmetrical , so that I know how to improve it next time .
48 That I know how but I bought it
49 ‘ I now feel , after a year and a half on BP 's board , that I know enough about the company and the way it works to be able to make judgements about its style of management .
50 ‘ I 'm sorry , I do n't think I — I do n't think that I know enough about some of the issues , to go along with it completely . ’
51 But I would much rather find Mason puzzling than feel , as I do only too often , that I know all too well what so many of his more consistently praised contemporaries are on about , in music that routinely tells me nothing I did n't know already , or would indeed prefer never to hear again .
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