Example sentences of "[noun pl] [pron] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 P.P.S I see they 've been feeding Mark H on the raw meat again : - ) ) ) How did ‘ Antiscum United ’ go on over the weekend by the way ? ?
32 ‘ Before rushing ahead with your sketches I think you might have been advised to take the time to familiarise yourself with what G.W. Fashions stands for . ’
33 D Dave to write a letter , saying for all projects I wish him to do
34 So in , in both projects I think we had to do that first step .
35 Well that 's what I 've been saying to dad as well , I said the times I said we 've had cheques come back !
36 so we started called her lip , but that happened before I got there so , as I got there it just like , as I joined got in with the regulars it started to peter out a bit , but I got fooled with a couple of times I thought they were taking the piss , alright Lynn how you doing , you know , still .
37 I could n't tell you how , but it I , cos you 'd , I do n't want nothing , but when I did , I 'd got ta use my ingenuity to get something that I could get one or two or a dozen or ten off , you know what I mean , and I got ta make it and a lot of times I made it out of wood which was easily er you know treated .
38 She was continuously moulting as she grew her feathers , and however many times I hoovered I could never get it all .
39 I know times I get it , like maybe just at one side , if I 've been sitting in a hard seat
40 Several times I saw him look to see how many pages more he had to read .
41 Perhaps it was just the times I saw him in the Div II Championship year and the season after that .
42 The awful , abrupt finality of a man pitching forward , so easily , so arbitrarily terminated — the convenience of it to the killer : they were things to which I could never become habituated , however many times I saw it .
43 At times I felt I was just a kind of palimpsest , or a blackboard that could always be wiped clean to make room for his own work .
44 ‘ Twenty times I tell you . ’
45 In the later stages of Metaltronix I had a guy work for me who had a tube engineering degree , but that kind of knowledge still does n't teach you about designing — the times I asked him to design certain circuits and he 'd just stare at me !
46 I wo n't the amount of times I 've I 've been in a car or something , where fucking jump on the brakes !
47 At times I reckoned we were lucky to get three .
48 ‘ I have done so much with Middlesbrough that at times I think it might be nice to go elsewhere and start afresh .
49 Yeah , well I 've only got the one I 've only got the one erm golly how long have I had that yellow must have had it four years or more I 've only worn it about three times I think it 's erm a telly mac and it 's a yellow one erm and it is a bit longer so all these go underneath it , quite well
50 They 've got most most times I think you 'll have to be unemployed for six months .
51 " She does n't say so , but at times I think she expects me to although she knows I ca n't .
52 Other times I see him sort of shuffling , as if the world had finally got to him .
53 That 's right , it 's different for different people over there , I mean Mark over there who has n't been with the company very long erm , I mean , my existing calls I mean I , I know them sort of to , to drink with more or less you know , but
54 After we 've seen him and the young ladies have finished their calls I want you to take Irene Charial aside . ’
55 Er I du n no , I do n't like crusts I think they taste like shit .
56 Anyway since editing is the main problem , what we 're going to do this afternoon is , actually , I 'm going to show you another video and again it 's a very controversial one , again it 's used in , in teaching situations , again it has a biased point of view in the sense that it 's produced by National Power , er clearly as a P R job for introduction into schools erm and I want you to do the same exercise , but this time I want us to edit them among ourselves and what I 'm going to do is to get you to wri write your reviews and then we 'll divide into small groups , while you 're watching it I 'll co I 'll count how , however many people we 've got here , we 'll copy the reviews and in the same groups I want you to edit one another 's reviews and then er discuss them within the groups once you 've , once you 've marked them so we 'll get into the small , we 'll do the review we 'll write the review and then we will er , I distribute the , you can go and have a cup of coffee while we copy them , then we 'll distribute them , you can mark them , er individually on your own and then we 'll get into a group and you can criticize one another 's reviews , we 'll take them one at a time , we 'll probably be in groups of four , okay , but I 'll see , I 'll see how many , what the most suitable number is , okay so , if you , would you be kind enough to that
57 Although it was only about two shillings I think it was a lot of money for her you know .
58 Oh eleven shillings I think it was eleven shillings a week .
59 With the verbal arts I think it can only be done for the moment by writing about nature .
60 ‘ Once I heard her start singing the songs I knew it had to be her , ’ he says .
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